5 Ugliest Airports in the U.S.

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- TheStreet wanted help finding the ugliest airports in America, so we polled our readers.

It's safe to say that readers don't much like flying to and from New York City. The 5,718 folks who responded selected LaGuardia Airport as the ugliest airport with 24% of the votes, while Kennedy International was second with 17.5%. Moreover, in comments on two recent stories, several readers said they don't really care for Newark Liberty International, either.

In general, readers seem to agree with the six choices on the ballot we presented. We made that list with the help of comments on our earlier story, The Four Most Beautiful U.S. Airport Terminals and included it in our survey, What is the Ugliest Airport in the U.S.? We also spoke with sources in the industry.

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We requested comments on other airports as well. In this regard, we awarded honorable mentions to Chicago Midway and Las Vegas-McCarran International Airport. "McCarran looks like it came right of the low-ceilinged, shag carpeted, wood-paneling '70s," a reader wrote.

We tried to stick with major airports because so many people are familiar with them. About 400 U.S. airports have scheduled service and we don't pretend to know something about all of them. Also, we fully realize that many airports have some ugly terminals and some beautiful ones -- Kennedy comes to mind.

When we say an airport is ugly, we mean cramped and dark and lacking vista views. We aren't referring to delays. Some airport critics want to factor in delays. But we can't blame airports for a 60-year old air traffic control system when Congress refuses to view an upgrade as an urgent matter, even though the upgrade would enhance safety, reduce fuel consumption and save time for millions of people, among other advantages.

In general, what makes airports ugly is that they are old and haven't raised the money to make improvements. We realize that airlines, which historically lose money, have to buy in because they typically fund the construction by paying fees. But ugly airports can always be fixed.

Here, then, are our picks for the five ugliest U.S. airports.

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