CalciTech Ltd. (OTCBB:CLKTF) announces today that it presented its technology at the European Paper Week in Brussels in November. The theme of the week was how the paper industry is at the 'Core of Green Growth'. CalciTech’s Director of Marketing and Business Development, Michael Watts, presented a paper on the Recycling of Minerals at the seminar on 'Closing the European Fibre loop'.

The event is organised by the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) in conjunction with the European Commission with the objective of aligning the interests of the paper industry, consumers, environmentalists and governments.

Speakers from the European Commission policy units of Enterprise & Industry and Environment emphasised the vital importance of developing industrial strategies that will flourish in the future 'Green Economy'. European industry needs to respond and adapt to the future trends of finite availability of raw materials, increasing transport costs and climate change. These trends provide an opportunity to develop businesses that are more sustainable in terms of lower usage of raw materials, energy and lower CO 2 emissions. The European Commission will encourage this by implementing directives that require:
  • products to be designed with minimal lifecycle costs (Ecodesign Directive)
  • labelling to show consumers the energy and environmental impact of the products they buy (Ecolabel Regulation)
  • public procurement policies that buy sustainable products and services (Green Public Procurement)

The sessions were attended by senior executives from the Paper Industry who showed the tremendous progress that has already been made in the recycling of paper, sustainability of forests and reduction of energy and water. They were all committed to continue these efforts to make the industry the 'Core of Green Growth'.

Innovation is required to meet these challenges and joint public-private research partnerships are being funded to accelerate the process.

Michael Watts commented “CalciTech's paper on the recycling of minerals was well received as it enables the industry to 'Close the Loop' for minerals and sequester CO 2. CalciTech's Synthetic Calcium Carbonate from recycled materials will also enable industry to meet future demand for sustainable materials.”

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