Californians also bear a bigger than average burden when they gas and go. San Jose commuters can expect to pay an average of $220 a month, and even the smaller communities of Oxnard and Palmdale pay upward of $230 and $207 a month, respectively. The average commuter's monthly tab will hit $210 in Nashville, $219 in Little Rock and $216 in Oklahoma City. Residents of Raleigh, N.C., pump away an average of $295 a month.

Auto expenses
The various expenses for keeping a car on the road also add up significantly during the course of a year. In averaging 12 months of data for such items as toll and bridge fees, supplies and new auto parts, tires, parking lot fees, garages, auto body and repair shops, car washes and towing services, Bundle found Austin and Bridgeport drivers expend an average of $509 and $529 a month on these expenses, respectively. Car owners in Phoenix ($440), Dallas ($400), San Jose ($401) and Hartford ($401) also pay more than most of the country in these costs.

This category may be one area in which city drivers seem to get a break: New Yorkers averaged only $137 a month and Philadelphia's commuters just a bit more -- $156 on average each month. The prevalence of public transportation and each city's relative walkability are among the factors that may have driven down costs when spread among the population.

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