Fort Dearborn Income Securities, Inc. held its annual shareholder meeting on Friday December 3, 2010 at which the shareholders elected four directors.

All four incumbent directors were re-elected for one-year terms as follows:


Adela Cepeda       7,654,491       463,708
Frank K. Reilly       7,682,098       436,101
Edward M. Roob       7,684,350       433,849
J. Mikesell Thomas       7,636,130       482,069

Fort Dearborn Income Securities, Inc. is a closed-end bond fund investing principally in investment-grade long-term fixed income debt securities. The primary objective of Fort Dearborn is to provide its shareholders with:
  • a stable stream of current income consistent with external interest rate conditions, and;
  • a total return over time that is above what they could receive by investing individually in the investment grade and long-term maturity sectors of the bond market.

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