Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNXT), a leading supplier of innovative semiconductor solutions for imaging, audio, embedded modem, and video surveillance applications, today introduced the CX92745 processor for interactive display appliances (IDAs) with audio, high-performance video, and touchscreen functionality. IDAs are used as home Web terminals, interactive signage and kiosks, and in home automation and touchscreen-enabled multimedia applications. The highly integrated, single-chip solution allows manufacturers to simplify engineering design efforts and lower bill-of-material costs.

“We leveraged our strengths in mixed-signal and imaging processing to deliver a single-chip solution that enables very high-quality audio and video performance in multimedia display devices,” said Sailesh Chittipeddi, Conexant president and chief operating officer. “Our new processor also has a feature-set that allows our customers to develop differentiated display appliances using a common silicon platform, which reduces engineering costs and product-development cycles.”

About the CX92745

The CX92745 display, media, and image processor includes Conexant’s proprietary image processing pipeline, a high-performance HD video hardware engine, a graphics processing unit, and a powerful microprocessor to provide high-speed, high-quality photo rendering and multimedia processing. The new system-on-chip (SoC) solution also includes an integrated Class-D amplifier to maximize audio performance and power-efficiency, and an internal power supply controller to lower bill-of-material costs. The CX92745 also includes support for Wi-Fi ®, 3G cellular, Bluetooth ®, and Ethernet connectivity.

The new processor is based on an ARM RISC processor to support high-performance embedded applications design. The CX92745 also includes an integrated ARM vector floating point unit, large internal caches, and high-speed DDR2 memory to maximize multimedia and graphics processing capabilities. Additional features include a programmable LCD interface for analog and digital displays, and a touchscreen controller to enable low-cost, advanced capacitive touchscreen functionality. The processor also includes integrated USB 2.0 host and device ports, which enable high-speed, bi-directional data transfers and connections to USB peripherals. In addition, the processor integrates a BT.656-compatible video-in port to support camera and video peripheral interfaces.