I believe that knowing where the best deals in the world is something of value. A small, highly intelligent investor community that I am privileged to be a part of puts together an index of what we consider to be the most undervalued companies in the world. It's no surprise to me that these don't get media attention because the best opportunities in the world are never "well known" at the time that they are the "most valuable."

The trick is to see value before everyone else does and get in before they do at a great price. At this point, I'm going to tell you what makes up this list and a little about each company. In my opinion, this list will outperform any other list of stocks anyone else could put together over the next five years. Sad, but true.

Asia Entertainment & Resources ( AERL) recently came under the attack of Tim Sykes. I find AERL better than your comparables here in America especially for the price. The trick of the shorts is just to overwhelm long investors with lots of questionable information --- capitulating longs who aren't sure into selling --- and starting a self-fulfilling prophecy. This, of course, doesn't mention that when Sykes announces a short , all of his followers go out and try to short as well for better or worse.

Biostar Pharmaceuticals ( BSPM) recently uplisted as predicted. Growth on the cheap; come and get it.

China Ceramics ( CCCL) is ridiculously cheap. I own warrants instead -- CCCLW. Kind of surprised they never called me to ask me to convert.

China MediaExpress Holdings ( CCME) in my opinion will be a dividend stock in the next 12 months, is growing, and comes at a P/E less than 8 on growth that makes growth investors salivate.

China Redstone Group ( CGPI) recently went public and they are crushing the guidance that they put out. I have to admit, I underestimated them.

Jade Art Group ( JADA) is experiencing a selloff. At the current prices, this is tough to sell -- so I figure it must be a buy.

Two oil plays: Longwei Petroleum ( LPH) is a growing cash machine and is priced to shrink. China North East Petroleum ( NEP) came back strong from the trading halt and is cheap on a forward basis.

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