NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- As long as Ben Bernanke is shoveling money into the system, it's safe to be bullish on stocks, says Nainesh Shah, senior securities analyst on the Roosevelt Multi Cap Fund (BULLX).

The Federal Reserve's monetary policy may especially give lift to shares of United Continental ( UAL - Get Report) and Las Vegas Sands ( LVS - Get Report). Bernanke presided over a plan last month -- dubbed quantitative easing II -- to buy an additional $600 billion in government bonds, aiming to keep interest rates low in a bid to support the economy.

The $195 million mutual fund, which garners a full five stars from Morningstar ( MORN), is up 13% over the past year, putting it in Morningstar's 94th percentile for mid-cap growth funds. Over the past five years, the Roosevelt Multi Cap Fund has returned about 5% annually, better than two-thirds of its Morningstar rivals.

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What is your outlook for stocks in 2011? Are you bearish or bullish?

Shah: If you consider what's going on with the Fed and QE2, we are positive for 2011 if nothing else changes. When you think about QE2, that's the full support from the Federal Reserve, and whether or not it turns into QE3 or QE33, it's going to help commodities and the equity market if no other risks seep in.

A stock you particularly like is Tata Motors (TTM). Is the Indian car company going to be able to compete with a reinvigorated GM (GM - Get Report)?

Shah: Absolutely. Tata has a two-pronged approach, one for India and the other for undeveloped countries, where they are introducing a new car called Nano, which is just shy of $3,000 per car that can do very well. On the other side, they have Jaguar/Range Rover, which they bought from Ford ( F - Get Report). And they are doing phenomenally well.

Another stock in your portfolio is Las Vegas Sands. Will the company be able to sustain growth with worries about Chinese inflation and Chinese consumers pulling back?

Shah: We don't think they are really pulling back. We think they are managing their growth so they are still growing at 8% to 10%, and that's significant. Las Vegas Sands will win because Chinese consumers like to gamble. So Macau is doing very well. Actually, Macau is a bigger gambling market than Las Vegas. On top of that is a currency play where the stronger currency from China will transfer back into more money for Las Vegas Sands.

You also like United Continental. Airlines stocks have always been risky, so why do you want to own this one?

Shah: Airlines with pricing power do very well. And when you think about United, they are displaying pricing power. And with Continental's cost management, there is a lot more room to improve. We think both United and the whole airline industry can do very well. We like United because of its management and its acquisition of Continental.

You are also positive on Albemarle (ALB - Get Report), which is a bromine producer. What do you use bromine for, and why should I want to own the stock?

Shah: Bromine can be used to manage mercury in the environment, particularly when it comes from utilities. There are a couple of bills in Congress that will make it necessary for utilities to manage their mercury output. And bromine will do very well because of that. Albemarle controls about one-third of the world's supply of bromine, which is why we think there is a long way to go for Albemarle.

-- Reported by Gregg Greenberg in New York.


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