NEW YORK (AP) â¿¿ A look at the 10 biggest percentage decliners on New York Stock Exchange at the close of trading:

SWS Group Inc. fell 6.8 percent to $5.22.

TAL Education Group fell 5.0 percent to $16.00.

Teradyne Inc. fell 4.9 percent to $11.96.

Stillwater Mining Co. fell 4.8 percent to $19.05.

Guess Inc. fell 4.8 percent to $48.50.

Lindsay Manufacturing Co. fell 4.4 percent to $58.34.

Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp. class A fell 4.2 percent to $11.30.

Aegean Marine Pet fell 4.1 percent to $9.25.

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. fell 4.0 percent to $47.05.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. fell 3.9 percent to $9.64.
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