For China Telecom, centralizing the purchase of remote electrical tilt (RET) antennas for its CDMA wireless network involved the naming of approved suppliers, of which the only foreign supplier named was Andrew Solutions, the CommScope, Inc. division that is a global leader in wireless communication systems and products.

CommScope’s wireless unit won the antenna bid largely due to its Teletilt® base station antennas’ outstanding design, technical advantage, and stable performance, combined with the company’s extensive experience in supporting massive commercial applications and network deployments globally. The value of the bid is undisclosed.

“We are well-known as a reliable and experienced supplier in China, having supported China Unicom’s CDMA network since 2002, and now offering antenna solutions to China Telecom after their merger,” said Chinnee Tong, vice president of sales, Andrew Solutions. “Our continual antenna research and development that incorporates customer input, and our commitment to developing integrated total solutions, has contributed toward our reputation and ability to meet China Telecom’s rigorous requirements.”

China Telecom’s bidding process attracted a dozen vendors from home and abroad, of which CommScope’s wireless division was the only foreign supplier to win. With the maturity of RET antenna technology, China Telecom raised new requirements for RET antennas, for which Andrew Solutions made corresponding improvements. The new antenna for China Telecom supports the antenna data interface protocol (ADIP) and can conduct remote monitoring and control of ADIP-supported RET antennas and tower amplifiers. The new antennas will also help China Telecom take early precautions against performance degradation, optimize the network regularly, save on the cost of emergency dispatch and maintenance crews, and preserve customer satisfaction.

Since the early 1970s, CommScope’s Andrew has provided leading wireless infrastructure solutions to Chinese telecom operators and OEMs, and established longstanding and stable partnerships with them. The unit’s various facilities in China, including an R&D center in Shanghai and manufacturing in Suzhou, provide extensive design and mass production capacity to the domestic market, ensuring timely delivery of first-class products to Chinese customers.