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Don Wordell, manager of the RidgeWorth Mid-Cap Value Equity Fund ( SMVTX), says appliance maker Whirlpool ( WHR) is one of his top picks.

Like most other funds, the RidgeWorth Mid-Cap Value Equity Fund had a weak performance over the past three years due to the economic crisis. Even so, the $1.4 billion fund has garnered a five-star rating from Morningstar, thanks to market outperformance over one and five years. RidgeWorth is an Atlanta-based multi-manager boutique with $62 billion in assets overall.

Whirlpool is "extremely attractive on a long-term basis. The stock is clearly cheap on whatever valuation metric you want to compare it to."

Wordell says the price-to-earnings ratio of 8.5 is what sticks out most, as it is well below the market average. But he says Whirlpool is a winner thanks to an attractive dividend, strong management team and exposure to emerging markets such as China and South America.

Wordell turns to the bank sector for his second value pick. BB&T ( BBT) has a 2.5% dividend yield that Wordell exepcts to grow.

"They paid their TARP back, so they're in a great position to grow their dividend," he says. "Like Comerica ( CMA) raised their dividend, BB&T can do the same thing."

Wordell says regulation fears are already reflected in the stock price, which currently trades at book value. BB&T, though, is "very cheap" on what he expects the bank's earnings power will be.

"In two years, BB&T's earnings power will be in the $3.50-a-share range," Wordell says. "The stock is currently trading at seven times that number now and we think it should trade north of $10. That would get you in the $35 to $40 range."

Lastly, Wordell says General Dynamics ( GD) is a great value play not because of the defense unit but the luxury cachet attached to its business-jet division.

General Dynamics has 60% of its revenue dedicated to defense, and the stock trades at defense multiples of nine times earnings, Wordell says. The other 40% of the business is in the Gulfstream jet business.

"That is by far the premier global brand. I would argue that Gulfstream is a brand that is better than Tiffany's ( TIF), better than Gucci, better than anything out there," he says. "The G650 jet is going to be the greatest business jet that we've known so far."

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