5 Silly Security Measures Worth Scrapping

WASHINGTON ( TheStreet) -- Considering all the minor security intrusions creating major hassles for Americans, it's amazing it took naked X-rays of airline passengers for anyone to notice.

A week after US Airways ( LCC) and American Airlines ( AMR) pilots balked at being forced through full-body scanners and exposed frequently to their radiation and less than a week before disgruntled passengers eschew scanners for private full-body patdowns on National Opt-Out Day -- backing up thousands of other fliers behind them on one of the busiest flying days of the year -- Americans' stomach for all-encompassing security seems to be waning.

Airport Security
Air travelers are increasingly balking at full-body scans that electronically strip them, but the scans are only one form of security indignity the country deals with daily.

Travelers and airlines have paid an extra $5.9 million a year each year since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks for the privilege of being poked, prodded and now placed in electronic peep-show booths. Each time the country thwarts a terrorist attack, passengers are pressed to give up just a bit more: their shoes in 2001 after Richard Reid tried to blow up American Airlines Flight 63; their bottles of Pepsi ( PEP) and Aveeno products in 2006 after a transatlantic aircraft plot; and their thin veil of privacy this year when full-body scanners followed the attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 last Christmas.

Yet those are just additional items on a growing list of bans, searches and state-mandated scare tactics Americans put up with on a daily basis. Not all result in Libertarian bloggers being threatened with a $10,000 fine for opting out of a full-body scan, but they all eat away at Americans' time and money under the guise of security. Unlike the full-body scanners, however, some of these measures may not be long for this world.

TheStreet pulled together six of the least-sufferable small security measures Americans have to endure and handicapped the odds of each of them sliding into obscurity in the near future:

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