BALTIMORE ( Stockpickr) -- For billionaire hedge fund manager Louis Bacon, managing money is a family business. That's because he's related to Julian Robertson, the man behind Tiger Management, a billionaire in his own right, and one of the most well-respected minds in the hedge fund world.

But that's where the similarities end.

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Unlike Tiger Management, where investments are selected using a traditional fundamental approach, Bacon uses a global macro strategy in his firm, Moore Capital Management, which has proven incredibly successful over the years. Essentially, a global macro strategy eschews traditional stock-picking metrics, instead favoring attributes such as economic indicators and market trends.

In more than two decades of operating, Moore's funds have been perennial top performers and among of the most sought-after hedge funds for investors, growing total assets under management to an estimated $15 billion.

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So, then, what stocks are Bacon's funds investing in? Here's a glimpse at four positions disclosed in his firm's latest quarterly SEC filing.

One of the biggest companies that Moore owns a position in right now is Verizon ( VZ), the communications giant that's slid around 3% year-to-date despite strong performance in its shares.

Verizon's most attractive business is its cell phone subsidiary, which dominates the U.S. market as the nation's No. 1 carrier. (Since VZ owns only 55% of Verizon Wireless, though, rival AT&T ( T) actually directly controls a bigger share.)

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While the company's landline business still constitutes a sizable portion of the company's business, it hasn't been a major driver of growth lately. But the firm is looking to change that with the deployment of FiOS, which brings the speed of fiber optic cables directly to consumers' homes for television, internet, and voice. That said, the investment in FiOS hasn't been small, and Verizon will need to see continued large subscriber numbers for its bet to pay off.

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