Apricus Biosciences, Inc. (“Apricus Bio”) (Nasdaq: APRI) ( www.apricusbio.com), announced today that President and Chief Executive Officer Bassam Damaj, Ph.D., has been interviewed by CDTV.net, a New York-based financial network ( www.cdtv.net). The interview is currently available at CDTV.net or directly at http://www.cdtv.net/users/content/apricus-biosciences-nasdaq-apri-receives-canadian-approval-vitaros-first-line-therapy-erecti.

Apricus Bio announced on November 15, 2010 that Health Canada has granted marketing approval for Vitaros ®, the Company’s proprietary, topically applied, on-demand treatment for erectile dysfunction. In the interview at CDTV.net, Dr. Damaj explained that Apricus Bio decided to research, develop, and seek approval for Vitaros for several reasons, including addressing the unmet medical need for a patient-friendly, on-demand topical treatment suitable for patients with erectile dysfunction of different severity. Dr. Damaj said that now, with Vitaros, patients with cardiac disease, hypertension, diabetes, and patients who are obese or who are not successful or contraindicated for currently available oral erectile dysfunction drugs, will have a fast-acting and non-painful alternative.

Apricus Bio developed the Vitaros cream by incorporating its proprietary NexACT ® permeation enhancer technology with alprostadil, a well-recognized vasodilator and treatment for erectile dysfunction that is currently marketed as an injectable product or an intraurethral insert product. The NexACT delivery technology has been clinically validated by Health Canada’s approval and the Vitaros cream treatment will be available to patients in Canada. Apricus Bio also intends to use the Canadian approval as the basis for seeking registration of the product for potential marketing in more than 100 international markets.

In the CDTV.net interview, Dr. Damaj noted that there is currently a $3 billion market worldwide for erectile dysfunction treatments, with oral medication dominating the marketplace. Some urologists have said that a prescribed topical erectile dysfunction treatment has the potential to capture up to 20-30 percent of their patients, once approval is granted.