NEW YORK ( TheStreet ) -- Insider trading has been a profitable investment strategy for more than 50 years. Insider trading is most profitable when several insiders buy around the same time.

Excess returns above index funds were more than 7% per year for stocks with intensive insider purchases . Insider Monkey, your source for free insider trading data, compiled the list of companies where at least three insiders were buying; the latest purchase was made in October.

1. Camco Financial Corp ( CAFI): Six insiders purchased CAFI stock on Oct. 29 at $2.07 per share.

2. Premierwest Bancorp ( PRWT): Two insiders purchased PRWT stock in October and a third one bought in September. The last purchase was made by company director James Patterson, on Oct. 29 at $0.39 per share.

3. Beneficial Mutual Bancorp ( BNCL): Two insiders purchased BNCL stock in October and a third insider bought at the end of August. The August purchase was made at $8.91 per share, and the recent purchases registered a per-share price as low as $7.24.

4. Oneida Financial ( ONFC): Richard Myers, a ONFC Board of Directors member, bought 700 shares at $7.50 per share on Oct. 29. There were two other insiders buying ONFC shares in August and September.

5. First Financial Bankshares ( FFIN): Two different insiders purchased FFIN shares at the end of October between $47.1 and $47.25. A third insider purchased 1,000 shares at $46.49 in mid September.

6. Pacific Premier Bancorp ( PPBI): Jeff Jones, a PPBI Board of Directors member, bought 3,000 shares at $4.99 on Oct. 29. There were two other insiders buying at the end of August and at the beginning of September at prices $4 and $4.18.

7. First National Corp ( FXNC): Two insiders bought FXNC shares on Oct. 27, and a third one bought in September.

This article was originally published at Insider Monkey .


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Meena Krishnamsetty is the editor of Insider Monkey, a Web site that provides free real-time insider-trading data. Insider Monkey houses a finance blog with commentaries and evidence based articles on the intricacies of investing and market anomalies. Insider Monkey also provides a hybrid evaluation system that exploits the market's insider transactions.

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