Jordan Wu, President and Chief Executive Officer of Himax, commented, "We believe we are bottoming out from the current trough and our global driver IC market share is in a good position to grow again next year. Our core competence in display drivers remains strong as demonstrated by the steady year-over-year revenue growth of our small and medium- sized panel drivers. Large-sized display drivers remains a business we are fully committed to. Looking ahead, China's aggressive capacity expansion plans have made it the market segment with the highest growth potential over the next few years. We are confident that we are in a strong position to capture a major driver IC market share during this time of fast expansion."

Mr. Wu continued, "The third quarter non-driver sales, especially those from our LCOS product line, were lower than our expectation. Many of our LCOS customers built significant inventory during the second quarter, anticipating strong market demand over certain new product designs. However, at the end of second quarter 2010, the Chinese government took measures to crack down on the white-box handset market, which, at this stage, is a major end market for our LCOS products. Facing a high inventory level, our customers have slowed down placing new orders to us starting in the third quarter and toward the beginning of the fourth quarter. We are now seeing order flows returning towards normal levels as those overbuilt inventories are gradually being consumed."

Mr. Wu continued, "An area to highlight is our 2D to 3D conversion solutions, which have been embedded into a number of worldwide first-tier TV brands particularly in Japan and China. We continue to see enthusiastic adoption of our solutions from many other customers covering TV and other applications. Capped by the availability of 3D panels, however, our shipment this year has been insignificant. Today 3D panels are offered only by a small number of panel makers with a limited number of models. However, we are seeing more display makers offering a wide variety of 3D panels to the market, using different technologies. We expect our world leading 2D to 3D conversion products to benefit strongly next year with the increasing shipment and penetration of 3D panels."