DANBURY, Conn., Nov. 2, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ATMI, Inc. (Nasdaq:ATMI), announced today it has acquired the Belgian biotechnology firm Artelis S.A., an innovator in the area of highly-efficient bioprocesses and technologies for cell culture research and manufacturing scale-up. The acquisition complements ATMI's leadership in ultra-pure single-use films, bioreactors, and mixing systems for characterizing, developing, and manufacturing biopharmaceuticals and extends its global capabilities to a broad range of biopharmaceutical process expertise.
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Since 2006, ATMI and Artelis have partnered to develop technologies that address the rising demand for disposables in the life sciences research and manufacturing sector. ATMI was an early investor in Artelis and, with this transaction, has acquired the remaining equity position in the Brussels, Belgium-based firm. As a result of this investment, ATMI expects that its earnings per share will be diluted approximately $0.02 in each of the next few quarters.

"Artelis is an innovator and leader in cell culture process optimization for vaccine, veterinary, and cell therapy applications. This acquisition integrates those capabilities with ATMI's industry leading — and in many instances enabling — single-use mixing and bioreactor technologies," said ATMI Chief Executive Officer and President Doug Neugold. "Our combined capabilities make us an even stronger partner for our customers, as they look for innovation to support their objectives of getting drugs to market more quickly and in the most efficient way."