Nuveen Investments, a leading global provider of investment services to institutions and high-net-worth investors, today announced that Nuveen Asset Management (Nuveen) has assumed the role of investment adviser for the NASDAQ Premium Income & Growth Fund Inc. (NASDAQ: QQQX) previously managed by IQ Investment Advisors LLC (IQ Advisors). The fund’s shareholders approved this change on October 22, 2010. This development completes the transition of five closed-end funds previously managed by IQ Advisors to Nuveen. As previously announced on October 8, 2010, the four additional funds include:

· Dow 30 SM Premium & Dividend Income Fund Inc. (NYSE: DPD)

· Dow 30 SM Enhanced Premium & Income Fund Inc. (NYSE:DPO)

· Global Income & Currency Fund (NYSE:GCF)

· MLP & Strategic Equity Fund Inc. (NYSE:MTP)

The NASDAQ Premium Income & Growth Fund Inc. will continue to be managed by the same investment teams with Nuveen affiliate Nuveen HydePark Group, LLC (HydePark) continuing as sub-adviser to the fund.

Nuveen Investments provides high quality investment services designed to help secure the long-term goals of institutions and high net worth investors as well as the consultants and financial advisors who serve them. Nuveen Investments markets its growing range of specialized investment solutions under the high-quality brands of NWQ, Nuveen, Santa Barbara, Symphony, Tradewinds, Winslow Capital and Nuveen HydePark. In total, the Company managed more than $160 billion as of September 30, 2010. For more information, please visit the Nuveen Investments website at

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