First, despite our credit challenges and (inaudible) of credit (inaudible) loan demand, we still maintain a solid performance in our core business. Our free tax, free provision profit remain solid at $15.2 million for the quarter and $64 million for the year. This is compared to $66.7 million from the prior year and is better than anticipated considering the reductions on our loan balances which are down $ 26.5 million for the last quarter and that is down to $4 million from the prior year-end. We are pleased with our free tax, free provision results as it reflects the work we’ve done to remain focus on generating revenue and operating as efficiently as possible (inaudible) Today, we reported a net loss for the quarter of $1.2 million. This is a marked improvement from the net loss of $12 million from the (inaudible) quarter and is comparative in net loss of $1.3 million from the same period last year. Non-interest income was $19.1 million up from the link quarter total of $18.7 million and up from $17.2 million for the same quarter last year. Our net interest margin remains strong at 3.91% on a fully-taxed equivalent basis for the quarter. As compared to the (inaudible) quarter, we reported inquiries and mortgage and other loan income on a lower OTTI charge on investment securities. While other income was down as a result of the final settlement from the FTLC related to our acquisition of (inaudible) Bank. This settlement totals $1.5 million and was stated last quarter. Increases on non-interest expense are related to higher (inaudible) calls which Blaise will discuss. The loss for the quarter was driven by long lost provision related to the continuous stretched on our loan portfolio. However, the provision was down from the linked-quarter and lower than the same quarter of the prior year. Joe will address our credit metrics in more detail. Now, I will turn the call over to Blaise Bettendorf and she will tell (inaudible) of the details of our results. Blaise?

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