MRV COMMUNICATIONS, INC., a global provider of Carrier Ethernet, WDM transport and IT infrastructure management solutions, today announced the High Speed Media Cross Connect (HS MCC) system, the industry’s first generally available high-density 10 Gigabit physical layer switch used to automate topology management in test labs and data center network monitoring applications. The High Speed MCC fills the requirement for greater number of 10G ports in one system, by providing 144 simultaneous bi-directional, uni-directional or multipoint mappings.

This groundbreaking switch establishes MRV as the first company to deliver production versions of high-density 10Gb physical layer switches. The HS MCC uses a 10.7 Gbps switching matrix allowing 10Gb signals to be switched over a single path across the backplane vs. grouped and switched on multiple paths as is typical in traditional physical layer switch design. With the growth of 10Gb services and equipment it has become necessary for test labs and data centers to manage a high number of 10Gb connections. The HS MCC doubles the number of 10G ports in a system half the size of existing systems; 144 10G ports in a 5 rack unit footprint.

As part of the Media Cross Connect family the High Speed MCC is backward compatible with existing MCC blades, and management options, protecting the investments of existing users who want to migrate to the next generation of physical layer switching.

“The market has required a high density 10G layer 1 switch and we are delighted to be first to satisfy that need by shipping systems to MRV’s customers,” said Barry R. Gorsun, President of MRV’s Optical Communications Systems Division. “Additionally, MRV is protecting our customer’s MCC investment by providing painless migration to new technology with minimal service interruption.”

MRV has partnered with Spirent, the leader in testing solutions for next generation networks, devices and services, to offer customers a seamless test automation experience. Used in conjunction with market-leading Spirent TestCenter, the high speed MCC provides test engineers the benefits of a fully integrated and automated test bed. Spirent’s Todd Law, automation product manager, commented, “Our customers are consistently asking us for the ability to dynamically and flexibly inter-connect Spirent TestCenter to large quantities of 10G test ports and their system under test. The MRV High Speed Media Cross Connect hits the sweet spot for that market requirement.”

The High Speed MCC and the associated interface blade are currently shipping to customers in North America and Europe.

About Media Cross Connect

MRV’s Media Cross Connect (MCC) family of products provides Layer 1 protocol-independent, transparent switching at speeds up to 10.7 Gbps. It supports a wide range of interface types enabling customized solutions for test lab or data center testing. Once wired to the various devices and test equipment, the MCC provides remote reconfiguration of test topologies. Capital expenses can be reduced by sharing expensive test equipment among users. As the cornerstone of full test automation, the MCC offers operational efficiency with the reduction of test time, minimized configuration errors and simplified yet accurate repeatability of tests. Efficiency in the test lab translates to faster time to market for new products.

About MRV Communications, Inc.

The Optical Communications Systems division of MRV Communications is a global provider of Carrier Ethernet, WDM transport and IT infrastructure management solutions since 1988. MRV products enable the delivery of next-generation optical transport and Carrier Ethernet services over any fiber infrastructure. MRV’s infrastructure management products provide operational efficiencies that increase control and reduce expenses. Since its inception, MRV has demonstrated expertise and experience offering innovative products that address future challenges while reducing network complexity and costs. Delivering optical communication solutions to service providers and enterprise around the world, MRV operates R&D centers in North America and Europe, along with support centers, and sales offices around the world.

About Spirent Communications plc

Spirent Communications plc. (LSE: SPT), a global leader in test & measurement, inspires innovation within development labs, networks and IT organizations to enable customers to deploy communications networks, services & applications, and devices that enrich life. Our extensive portfolio of solutions test data centers, high speed Ethernet networks and services, 3G/4G wireless networks and devices, network security, and global navigation satellite systems. With solutions used by more than 1,700 customers in 30 countries, the world’s largest equipment manufacturers, service providers, enterprise and governments depend daily on Spirent to help ensure their success. Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Spirent Communications has 1,300 employees worldwide. For more information visit

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