BEDFORD, Mass., Oct. 26, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SoundBite Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq SDBT), a leading provider of on-demand, multi-channel proactive customer communications, today introduced SoundBite Smart Sounds, a library of professionally recorded, customized voice messaging scripts available for a variety of customer lifecycle communications. SoundBite Smart Sounds provides consumer-facing organizations with personalized end-to-end voice messages for a more consistent customer experience and better business results. 

SoundBite Smart Sounds helps organizations deliver targeted voice messages to customers that directly align with their unique campaign goals.  Key benefits available through Smart Sounds' professionally recorded voice messaging scripts include:
  • Improved Customer Service: Customers and organizations benefit equally from the professionally recorded content delivered through SoundBite Smart Sounds. By eliminating interchanging, and often confusing, voices in a single message, companies can ensure that they are offering a positive caller experience. With more than 7,000 prerecorded first and last names, as well as prerecorded dates, currencies and numbers, organizations can ensure seamless proactive customer communications that avoid any mispronunciation that may occur with less sophisticated voice offerings.  
  • Extensive Variety of Voice Offerings: With an expanded library of voice talent options, organizations are no longer locked into a single voice for their campaigns. SoundBite Smart Sounds offers more than 45 professional male and female voices in a variety of languages and dialects that can easily be customized to targeted segments of any customer base.  
  • High-Quality Messaging Service: Using the highest quality audio, the entire voice script is recorded with a single voice talent providing clear, compelling and easily understood messages to consumers. The same consistent voice is used for personalized and dynamic content within the message, such as first name, date and dollar value. This provides a complete end-to-end message that replicates a live agent interaction without the costs associated with agent-assisted calls.

"SoundBite understands the importance of providing well-crafted voice messages for organizations, especially since they are often the first opportunity a company has to leave a positive and lasting impression with its customers," said Debbie Braunert, vice president of product and solutions marketing at SoundBite. "We know that organizations have traditionally struggled to personalize their messages and deliver a consistent caller experience. Delivering on-target and relevant messages, SoundBite Smart Sounds helps organizations initiate a meaningful dialogue that creates a compelling call to action resulting in better business results and a positive brand experience."