We’re still, obviously, very focused on our niche markets which we’ll talk about in more detail on the oncoming hour. But the important thing to recognize is that all of the conversations that we’ve had over the past 12 months related to the economy and what we’ve done to improve the direction of our company is obviously in place.

And as I shared with you just three months ago, I knew that we were in that – headed in that direction. LED technology is definitely taking the right route system, not only in the U.S. but throughout the international markets. I’ve invited to sit in this conference my key marketing and sales folks, Scott Ready, the President of the Lighting Group; David McCauley; Ron Stowell, Chief Financial Officer; and Steve Brucker is on board as he made the introduction; Sean Tony, our Executive Vice President of the Commercial Industrial Federal Lighting Business; and I quite left off David McCauley, good to meet you. And Jonathan Labbee, of course, coming out of Montreal office is online as well.

I know that there are going to be a lot of questions in reference to probably this quarter really worked its way through and what the future is. As I said, we’re very optimistic about where we are. And certainly, our penetration in the commercial industrial market, with a number of changes that we made in our regional sales force, as well as just the overall acceptance of the LSI product line as it relates to total energy saving products, not just LED.

And I know Scott will make a comment or two on that. Those are my opening remarks. Ron Stowell is going to kind of hit a few of the highlights here and then Ron will switch it back to me. And then we’ll open up to Q&A.

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