Blackberry Bold 9650
OS: BlackBerry
Price: $249 with two-year contract, $149 after mail-in rebate

Yes, BlackBerry's playing not to lose at this point and just got called out by Steve Jobs, but it still holds the U.S. smartphone lead with 37.6% of the market, according to ComScore. This isn't even the best product BlackBerry makes, though, since AT&T introduced the Torch touchscreen back in August. The Bold 9650 is exactly the kind of smartphone that makes Jobs and other critics shake their heads at RIM: 512 megabytes ( megabytes!) of memory, a 3.2 megapixel camera available as an option, a full-time QWERTY keyboard with trackpad. Good lord, man, are you still listening to Vanessa Carlton, Creed and Ja Rule on that thing? This is why, in the second quarter, RIM dropped to second place in sales for the first time since 2007. There are many folks who are still extremely comfortable with the BlackBerry's status quo and would sooner miss the last episode of Ally McBeal than switch to some newfangled touchy screen contraption, but a potential iPhone migration to Verizon could result in some serious future shock for owners of devices such as the Bold 9650.

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