DALLAS, Oct. 18, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DG FastChannel (Nasdaq:DGIT), the world's leading provider of content management and distribution solutions for the advertising, entertainment and broadcast industries, today announced that it has officially rebranded itself as DG. The company's name change further extends DG's long-standing brand equity and reputation for technological innovation and leadership throughout the industries it serves.

With nearly every major brand and advertising agency in the United States as customers, DG has become not only a trusted name in digital content management and distribution, but also synonymous with ground-breaking technology to drive the media landscape. The new brand name will serve as an umbrella to present both current and future products and services throughout the digital workflow value chain. 

"DG has superior brand recognition across the entertainment, broadcast and advertising communities. When planning the strategy for this rebrand, we determined that the best direction for the company is to leverage this strength. A pioneer in digital delivery technology for both advertising – across broadcast, print and digital – and syndicated television programming, DG is the benchmark for excellence across the constantly evolving digital landscape," said Neil Nguyen, president and COO of DG. "By rebranding to DG, we will be able to leverage our brand equity to propel the growth of the company's current and future offerings."

DG's rebranding signifies a major strategic evolution by the company. Extending to all current subsidiaries and products – including Unicast, a recognized leader in developing custom rich solutions for publishers; Springbox, a best-in-class interactive marketing firm; Pathfire, the premier file-based distribution service for SD and HD syndicated programming; Match Point Media (Treehouse), a market leader in the customization and distribution of direct response advertising; and SourceEcreative, the leading global information and archival resource for creative intelligence – the new DG will offer current and future customers an even higher level of commitment to best-of-breed products and innovations. These and all new endeavors will be backed by the power of the DG brand.