2011 Ford (F) Fiesta

Base Price: $13,320 - $17,120

Horsepower: 120 hp

Availability: Available since late Spring

Product Description: "Number one, it's a brand new car, at least in the U.S.," says Travers. "It's a nameplate that's been out in Europe and overseas for a while. But in addition to being a small car that gets good gas mileage and good practical package, the Fiesta ups the ante a bit in terms of a finished inside. It gets away from the small car as a very utilitarian, cheap transport. Its interior has higher quality switch gear and upholstery; and even some features like leather seats are available that have not always been what you expect from a subcompact car.

"The Fiesta just came out a few months ago and we're just wrapping up testing of the first one that we have tested -- we actually tested two of them. You can either get a four-door hatchback or a four-door sedan version of it. The four-door hatchback model is about the size of a Honda ( HMC) Fit. It's a small car. Hatchbacks are kind of nice especially for couples. You get a little bit more versatility. You can fold down the back seat if you're not carrying passengers back there and that gives you more room for whatever it is that you're lugging around if you're going antiquing or whatever urban couples do."

"It's relatively quiet for a small car. It's got agile handling. It's not terribly noisy."

Description From Edmunds.com Analyst Karl Brauer: "Excellent combination of fun driving dynamics, high-tech features (including Ford's Sync) and useful interior space in a fuel-efficient package.

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