Gourmet Food Trucks Taste Sweet Success

LAS VEGAS ( TheStreet) -- In seeking the hottest restaurants, ingredients and flavors, TravelsinTaste.com recently had the opportunity to chat with its resident garden fresh flavors expert, Executive Chef Mark Sandoval of Wolfgang Puck's Postrio in the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino ( LVS). Sandoval is always on the lookout for new, unique ingredients for his menus, and interesting playful ideas such as his purchase of Pepper the pig, an acorn-fed hog that was butchered and delivered and from which he subsequently created many out-of-the-ordinary menu items. We asked him about dining trends in Vegas. His answer: the gourmet food truck.

"There seems to be a lot of people breaking into that market. They are on Twitter and Facebook and they'll let everyone know what location they are at. People go to that location specifically, and then they'll move. It seems to be a big trend in Vegas -- something that's growing more and more, " Sandoval said.

TravelsinTaste was lucky enough to track down the new powerhouse in town -- Fukuburger, a big, red gourmet food truck serving up the classic American burger with a Japanese flair. In Vegas Fukuburger has been all the rage for locals and the chefs among them. It is run by former Tao servers Colin Fukunaga and Rob "Mags" Magsalin.

Fukuburger travels the streets of Las Vegas serving gourmet burgers to in-the-know locals and hungry chefs with high standards.

Fukunaga let us in on his secrets. "Our intentions were to take care of the infrastructure of Las Vegas. When I moved here in 1995 there wasn't a lot of selection, but now we have a lot of celebrity chefs. Everybody knows good food now, and that's why we wanted to do a gourmet truck specifically for 'foodies' and service industry professionals who want a high-quality, after-hours meal."

In addition to the six original burgers on the menu, Fukuburger has a secret menu that can be ordered daily. Secret menu items include a creation of Japanese rice, a fuku patty, a fried egg and homemade brown gravy sprinkled with Japanese sea salt and bonito. In something of a game, customers talk on Facebook and Twitter about their customized creations and seek to have a menu item named after them. The truck serves dessert too, in the form of Japanese shaved ice (kakigori) with flavored syrups.

If you don't happen to be in Vegas, or you're not into shaved ice but have a hankering for dessert, mobile cupcake bakeries have begun to pop up on city streets all over the United States. Here are some of the most popular.