DALLAS, Oct. 7, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Retalix® (Nasdaq:RTLX) has announced that Wesco Convenience Stores of Muskegon, Mich. will be adding Retalix's StorePoint POS, Back Office and HQC solutions, as well as Retalix Loyalty, to its existing Retalix installation to create a fully integrated retail and supply chain technology system that enhances efficiency and increases customer service and loyalty.

The 51-store chain is adding the products on top of previous implementations of Retalix's PowerEnterprise supply chain software suite and Demand AnalytX (DAX) demand-based inventory replenishment solution. The result is a comprehensive system that will help Wesco manage vital processes across the company's distribution center and its entire retail enterprise.

"Our legacy system was aging and disjointed, and we needed a technology solution and provider that could help us integrate our systems and implement a robust loyalty program. After searching several industry vendors, Retalix was by far the best partner," said Rachelle Osborn, director of technology at Wesco. "We've been successfully using Retalix's PowerEnterprise suite at our warehouse, as well as DAX for inventory management for several years. The addition of StorePoint and Retalix Loyalty should give us the integration we seek, and should improve efficiency and productivity chain-wide.

"We are particularly excited about Retalix Loyalty, because it's the best loyalty solution that we've seen."

Bill Campbell, executive vice president for Retalix USA, said, "Wesco is demonstrating how the integration of technology solutions can provide a truly cost-efficient and highly productive system platform that will enhance all facets of their business and increase the customer shopping experience and overall satisfaction. Their innovative foresight will serve them well by creating a more efficient, demand-based supply chain that should cut costs and increase profitability."

Retalix Loyalty is a powerful, targeted promotions and consumer interaction solution that delivers offers, tracks performance and personalizes communications. As an enterprise-wide, real-time, scalable system, the software seamlessly ties together centralized operations, marketing management, special promotions, IT and the shoppers themselves. Because it's centrally operated, Retalix Loyalty ensures continuity across multiple stores and channels. This powerful combination of features allows retailers to build long-term customer loyalty and retention by targeting their promotional spend on their most valuable customers.