FiCentive, Inc. (OTCBB:PYDS), a leading provider of turn-key prepaid card solutions, announced today the release of a new service which utilizes our existing electronic bill payment network.

Prepaid Load allows any prepaid cardholder to go to their online bill pay site such as or their bank’s online bill pay site, select “” as a payee, and then “pay” their prepaid card by entering their card number. The “pay” function then actually loads value onto their prepaid card from one of their existing bank accounts. The consumer can also utilize Prepaid Load to load funds on other types of prepaid accounts. An example of this product usage to load funds on a prepaid cell phone that needs to be “topped up.”

The prepaid issuer only needs to register with FiCentive as a way to have their cards or their accounts identified to our system. Prepaid issuers can then offer to their customers an easy and convenient way to load money onto their prepaid accounts. is now available as a load option on over 1,000 bank bill payment sites including many major banks that support same day loading of funds.

The model uses a “good funds” model, meaning there is little risk of financial losses for the prepaid account issuer in the loading process and the loading is completed within 48 hours with many loads completed on the same day. Also, Prepaid Load is processing platform independent and implementation can be completed in one day.

Louis Hoch, CEO of FiCentive, said, "This implementation is unique in the industry. It provides a great degree of efficiency and convenience for the prepaid consumer and extends new funds loading capabilities for prepaid issuers, processors, and wireless carriers.”

Hoch continued, “It is a simple registration process for the prepaid issuer. By giving us their account number or BIN scheme, their customers will have immediate access to a new and convenient funds loading network.”

About FiCentive, Inc.

FiCentive, Inc. is a turn-key prepaid card solutions provider that quickly and securely delivers customized prepaid card programs for corporations, financial institutions, affinity groups or any organization that needs to deliver a financial incentive to their customers, vendors, or employees. FiCentive has the ability to issue cards on all card association brands.

FiCentive is well positioned to capture its share of the global prepaid market that is estimated to be more than 6.5 trillion dollars.

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FiCentive is a wholly owned subsidiary of Payment Data Systems, Inc.

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