United EcoEnergy Corp. (OTCBB: UEEC), a healthcare solutions and product development company focusing on the expanding wound-care industry, announces that the Company has changed its name to “United Health Products, Inc.” effective September 30, 2010.

The name change to United Health Products, Inc. will be reflected in SEC filings and all future corporate communications with the investor community. The name change will have no effect on voting and other rights accompanying the Company’s common stock, and the Company will retain its current ticker symbol.

“In order to more accurately reflect our main business operations in the healthcare industry, we have adopted a corporate name change to United Health Products,” said Kelly T. Hickel, Chairman and CEO. “We have focused a significant amount of resources on our proprietary hemostatic gauze, and we are committed to serving the expanding wound-care industry in both the United States and internationally. We look forward to keeping our loyal shareholders and prospective investors apprised of our new developments over coming weeks and months.”

United and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Epic Wound Care Inc., are penetrating the growing wound-care market by manufacturing an innovative gauze that changes the way medical professionals treat their patients. Upon contact with blood, the gauze forms a gel-like substance, which acts as a hemostatic agent that expands slightly to cause direct pressure on blood vessels and control bleeding. The unique formulation contains no chemical additives and is hypoallergenic.

About United Health Products, Inc.

United Health Products, Inc. (formerly United EcoEnergy Corp.) is a healthcare solutions company that has developed an innovative hemostatic gauze product that stops bleeding by forming into a gel-like substance upon contact with blood. The gauze was initially developed as a tool to provide medical professionals the ability to stop bleeding in the most efficient manner possible. Through the acquisition of intellectual property rights in 2009, United and its wholly owned subsidiary, Epic Wound Care, have the potential to transform segments of the market such as ambulatory emergencies, surgery, dental, home care and athletic injuries. United and Epic have been able to penetrate the growing wound-care market by introducing this innovative gauze product and changing the way medical professionals treat their patients.