Fisher-Price has issued a voluntary recall of 11 million toys that have been associated with various cutting and choking incidents among children, the Consumer Products Safety Commission announced today.

The recall actually comprises four different classes of products - tricycles, high chairs, Baby Playzones and Stand 'n Play Rampways. In all, nearly 50 products are affected by the Fisher-Price recall, and the company, a subsidiary of Mattel ( MAT), has offered various fixes and replacement products for the toys.

A statement from Fisher-Price General Manager Kevin Curran acknowledged consumer concerns but did not offer a formal apology, and insisted that the company's toys are "overwhelmingly safe."

The bulk of the recall comprises Fisher-Price's line of Trikes and Tough Trikes toddler tricycles, 7 million of which are being recalled. A plastic "ignition key" near the seat of the tricycle presents a cutting hazard to children who sit on or fall against the key, as 10 incidents have been reported, some involving genital bleeding. Consumers with the affected product can receive a free replacement key that does not present a cutting hazard, and parents are encouraged to put the tricycle out of reach until they receive a replacement.

Also involved in the recall are nearly 3 million infant toys that present a choking hazard, including the Baby Playzone Crawl & Slide Arcade and the Baby Gymtastics Play Wall. The valve of the inflatable ball on these products was found to come off and present a choking hazard, with 46 such incidents reported by parents. In 14 of these cases the valve was found in the child's mouth, and in three of these, children began to choke. Parents should contact the company to receive a replacement ball.

Also presenting a choking hazard is the Little People Wheelies Stand 'n Play Rampway, which includes small cars that can be pushed down a series of ramps. The wheels on the purple and green cars were found to detach, though no injuries were reported. Parents can contact Fisher-Price for replacement cars, and are encouraged to take the cars away from their children in the meantime.

Finally, the company is recalling various models of high chairs that include pegs on the rear of the legs, which can present a cutting hazard. There have been 14 reports of children falling against the pegs and getting hurt, with seven children requiring stitches. Consumers are encouraged to stop using the high chairs and to contact the company for a replacement kit.

A spokesperson for Fisher-Price confirmed there are currently no plans to offer full refunds for the recalled products, rather offering replacement kits and/or parts. Parents concerned that they may own a recalled product should visit Mattel's recall page for more information, and to order replacements. Customers with further questions can contact Fisher-Price at 1-800-432-5437.
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