DG FastChannel ( www.dgfastchannel.com) (NASDAQ: DGIT), the leading provider of digital media services to the advertising, entertainment and broadcast industries, today announced that it will offer an industry-first solution that will enable digital delivery of standard definition (SD) long-form direct response ads.  The company will show a prototype of the new solution at booth # 1025 at the 2010 ERA D2C Convention in Las Vegas, September 22-23, 2010.

DG FastChannel’s new solution for long-form direct response ads streamlines and digitizes the delivery of a format that has traditionally been distributed only via time-consuming dub and ship tape methods. Like DG FastChannel’s short-form delivery solution, this new arrangement offers increased efficiency, security and accuracy through features including: comprehensive proof of delivery capabilities, integrated verification of finished content, automated customization and tagging capabilities, unique phone numbers for multiple regions or alternative offers, websites, voice talent and total client control to view and approve commercials prior to air.

The new long-form capability adds to DG FastChannel’s track record of innovation in the direct response industry. Recently, the company has partnered with direct response media management companies CoreMedia Systems, Inc. ( www.coremedia-systems.com) and Catalyst Computer Services, Inc. ( www.catalystsoftware.com) to offer efficient, automated order entry and trafficking processes that streamline advertising delivery to broadcast stations, eliminating manual faxing for both short- and long-form direct response ads.

“DG FastChannel has been successfully leading the way for file-based delivery for years in other divisions of the advertising industry,” said Neil Nguyen, president and COO, DG FastChannel. “Now we’re extending everything our customers know about us to the entire direct response industry, aiming to eliminate tape methods and ultimately save our customers money and stress, as well as introduce them to newer technologies for their businesses.”

"Incorporating easy, seamless support for DG FastChannel's cutting-edge electronic delivery technology into Catalyst's software is a great benefit for our customers," said Richard Shaw, president, Catalyst Computer Services, Inc. "The leading agencies and marketers who rely on Catalyst to streamline their media operations will now be able to transmit media orders directly and electronically to DG FastChannel, a great time saver that keeps them ahead of the curve and makes them even more efficient and competitive."

“CoreMedia’s integration with DG FastChannel underscores our relentless efforts to streamline long-form advertising delivery for our clients,” said Glenn DeKraker, CEO, CoreMedia. “DG FastChannel has been a terrific partner to get this done.”

“When working with DG FastChannel to deliver our long-form television ads, we feel confident that the systems in place will be buttoned up and reviewed by multiple sets of eyes assuring the utmost attention to detail before being delivered,” said Rick Shiu, VP of media for Product Partners. “Quality control and proof of delivery are vital for our business and the DG FastChannel digital delivery solution looks to offer us the cost-savings, time savings, added security, and many other opportunities that we’re looking for.”

In addition to improving return on investment and increasing efficiency, DG FastChannel’s tapeless solution is environmentally friendly. DG FastChannel management estimates that the direct response advertising industry distributes approximately 2 million long-form and short-form videotapes to broadcast television destinations annually. As much as one gallon of petroleum is needed to produce a single broadcast standard tape and an estimated 40-50 percent of the videotapes sent for spot distribution this year will end up in landfills. Agencies and Marketers willing to “go tapeless” with DG FastChannel’s solution will significantly reduce their environmental footprint.

About DG FastChannel

DG FastChannel provides digital media services and solutions to the advertising, broadcast and publishing industries. The company services more than 5,000 advertisers and agencies with North America’s largest online media distribution network of more than 28,000 U.S. and Canadian radio, television, print and Web publishing destinations. DG FastChannel utilizes satellite and Internet transmission technologies, creative and production resources, digital asset management, and syndication services enabling advertisers and agencies to work faster, smarter, and more competitively.  Fortune named DG FastChannel one of the “100 Fastest Growing Companies” two years in a row and selected the company as one of 2010’s “rising stars.” In 2009, DG FastChannel delivered more than 7 million advertisements. For more information, visit  www.dgfastchannel.com.

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