iGo, Inc. (NASDAQ: IGOI), a leading provider of eco-friendly universal chargers and power management solutions, has been awarded two additional United States Patents relating to its novel approach to reducing wasted standby power, commonly referred to as "vampire power." United States Patent No. 7,795,759 and United States Patent No. 7,795,760 bring the total patent portfolio to four recently-issued patents for iGo Green® Technology. A fifth patent related to iGo Green® Technology, United States Patent No. 7,800,252, is expected to issue on September 21, 2010.

United States Patent No. 7,795,759 and United States Patent No. 7,795,760, as well as the expected to-be-issued United States Patent No. 7,800,252, serve to protect iGo Green® Technology in various power management devices comprising electrical outlets. For example, a power strip or wall plate power adapter using iGo Green® Technology, such as the Power Smart Tower power strip or Power Smart Wall power adapter, recognizes when a mobile device does not require power at an outlet and automatically shuts the outlet off, thus substantially reducing the vampire power draw to ultra-low levels.

These patents, along with recently issued United States Patent No. 7,779,278, United States Patent No. 7,770,039 and various iGo pending patent applications, represent a unique and preferable alternative to previous power management solutions. This proprietary technology forms the core of the iGo Green® Technology that allows consumers and businesses to reduce vampire power by up to 85%.

The patented iGo Green® technology has two unique characteristics in its approach to reducing vampire power:
  • It utilizes primary side circuit controls in power adapters, rather than secondary side controls
  • It provides for the shutting down of individual outlets in power strips, rather than shutting down all outlets at once like conventional “green” power strips that utilize the “master-slave” model

“We believe that we are the only company that can offer the marketplace a primary side solution, as well as individual isolation of electrical outlets for virtually eliminating vampire power,” said Michael D. Heil, president and chief executive officer of iGo. “We believe this approach provides significant cost and design advantages, as well as being easier to use for the consumer.”