NEW YORK -- ( TheStreet) Among the lessons learned in week 2 of this 2010 college football season:

(1) Michigan's Denard Robinson could lay claim to the title of the NCAA's top quarterback, possibly college football's best playmaker, and certainly bonafide, early-season Heisman contender after sealing a win for the Big Blue under the gaze of South Bend's ever present Touchdown Jesus. Even if none of those monikers is a perfect fit for the fleet-footed one, this one is: Coach Rich Rodriguez's answered prayer.

(2) The natural rhythms of the football season, as is its wont, also laid claim to another row of pretenders. Among them, Miami, Florida State, and Virginia Tech were exposed at the hands of Ohio State, Oklahoma and James Madison (yes, that James Madison of Football Championship Subdivision fame). While commentators were quick to talk of the resurgence of the latter football programs following the final scores, the results may have been more indicative of the formers' struggles.

(3) Yes, Alabama is No. 1. Keeping Penn State from scoring a touchdown for the first time in nearly three seasons is proof of that. Good thing, too, since they're getting their Heisman Trophy-winning rusher back from injury this week.

(4) And the big loser was a team that didn't even hit the field on Saturday. Talk of Boise State's Week 1 win over Virginia Tech and subsequent red carpet ride to BCS busting status took a big hit last week when the FCS shattered whatever was left of the Hokies' dubious top-15 veneer.

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Week 3 offers only a smattering of truly compelling games. But if there's any additional lingering effect from James Madison's triumph, it's the realization that any week could sink a top-25 team, even if most of this weekend's matchups are of the cream puff variety.

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