Already Leading the Industry in Scalability and Density, the FieldSmart FxDS Provides the Ultimate in Cable Route Path Flexibility and Diversity

Chosen as Deployment Platform for One of the Largest Stimulus-Funded Broadband Projects in History

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 13, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clearfield ®, Inc. (Nasdaq:CLFD), the specialist in fiber management solutions for Fiber to the Premises (FTTp) deployments , today announced the enhancement of the FieldSmart ® Fiber Crossover Distribution System (FxDS), a custom-configured system of fiber management components that reduces the cost of fiber deployment, while maximizing ease of use and system density. "SmartRoute Troughing" builds upon the FxDS cable management functionality with a sleek method of providing a continuous channel for bay-to-any-bay routing in a safe and efficient manner without increasing jumper lengths. This product will be on display at the FTTH Conference in Las Vegas, Monday, September 13 in Clearfield's Booth #510.

The FieldSmart FxDS is a series of modular components, centered on Clearfield's Clearview Cassette, which provides fully-integrated fiber management for the demands of inside plant deployments -- whether within the central offices of a broadband service provider, the head-ends of a cable operator, or the data center of demanding enterprise environments. Requiring only four SKUs to support hundreds of configurations, users of the FieldSmart FxDS get the ultimate in fiber protection, where it is needed, without the added cost of unnecessary components. Scalable from 12 to 1728 ports across the network, the FxDS supports any application, anywhere.

"Point-to-point networks, in which all access points in the distribution network are now mirrored in one central location, are taxing the methods the industry has conventionally used to manage fiber in the inside plant," said Johnny Hill, chief operating officer for Clearfield. "When thousands of jumpers and the route paths they travel begin to traverse several frames at a time, Clearfield's SmartRoute Troughing feature allows the service provider to carry the distance and weight of these jumpers on a horizontal plane. This spreads the pile-up, and eliminates the long-term effect that cable weight can cause – namely micro and macro bends."