Apple's Top 5 Blunders

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Apple's ( AAPL) sudden change of heart on application developer restrictions last week was a rare humbling moment for tech's top agenda setter.

The move was most accurately seen as a reversal of Steve Jobs' 'Thoughts on Flash' letter written in April. It was a bold, principled stand that went against the majority of the tech community that uses Flash. It also probably rubbed Federal trade regulators -- who have certain obligations to monitor anti-competitive business practices -- the wrong way.
Steve Jobs

Apple's 180-degree turn probably thwarted a big Adobe ( ADBE) Flash-supporter uprising and possibly spared the company a legal headache. But this Flash tantrum is a reminder of other times in Apple's past when the company's bold moves weren't necessarily the best moves.

Here are the five top blunders in Apple's grand history.

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