Kendall Law Group a national securities firm led by a former federal judge with attorneys that include a former U.S. Attorney, is investigating China Natural Gas, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHNG) for shareholders. The investigation concerns potential breaches of fiduciary duties by the board of directors and other company executives in connection to the issuance of allegedly materially false and misleading statement and the failure to disclose adverse facts known to them regarding the company’s business and financial results. Concerned China Natural Gas shareholders should contact the Kendall Law Group at 877-744-3728 or by email at

On August 13, 2010, China Natural Gas filed its quarterly report with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the quarter ended June 30, 2010. In the report, the company disclosed that various deficiencies in internal controls over financial reporting and disclosure controls were identified. Shortly following the quarterly report, various amendments and restatements were filed for the company’s 2009 annual report and March 2010 quarterly report. From the middle of August through the end of the month, the company’s stock prices experienced an approximately 20% decline.

Kendall Law Group has the credentials and experience to pursue any type of complex securities litigation in the nation. The firm helps shareholders exercise their power to protect their investments when companies break the law. If you are a China Natural Gas shareholder, you are encouraged to contact the Kendall Law Group to learn more about your rights.

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