MRV COMMUNICATIONS, INC., today announced the availability of its new Fiber Driver™ Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) module for real-time optical performance analysis of any dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) aggregated optical link. This advanced optical monitoring capability enables continuous and preemptive optical performance measurement, eliminating the need for stand-alone optical spectrum analyzers in every node in the optical network or maintenance truck rolls when problems occur therefore significantly reducing OPEX. MRV is a leading provider of optical communication and IT infrastructure management solutions to service providers and enterprises around the world.

Basic performance monitoring of a DWDM system requires monitoring of each wavelength to ensure the light is transmitting within a narrow spectral range and within well-defined optical parameters to verify that the network optical paths are operating as expected. As an essential addition to MRV’s Fiber Driver DWDM optical transport system, the OSA module provides an enhanced optical channel monitoring functionality that enables the identification of active wavelengths, their optical power levels and estimated optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR). These measurements can be reported to any management platform, for inventory management, optical service visibility, fault isolation, alarming and proactive actions.

“This further enriches our Fiber Driver optical transport access solution and enables our customers to gain better visibility and availability of their revenue generating high-capacity optical services and save operational cost by remotely monitoring network services,” said Mary Jane Gruninger, President of Optical Communications Systems at MRV.

The OSA module (order code: EM316OSA40DC21) is now available from MRV's worldwide sales.

About Fiber Driver

MRV’s Fiber Driver optical multi-service product line provides a full range services demarcation, media conversion, signal repeating and fiber-optimization solutions, including coarse and dense WDM capabilities. Both managed and unmanaged solutions are available, including rack-mount, modular systems and desktop systems. The Fiber Driver line includes several families of products with the flexibility of hundreds of combinations and system options for any type of optical or copper technology, covering virtually every protocol in use in networking today. With a power consumption of 3W - 5W per 10Gbps interface, the Fiber Driver optical multiservice platform consumes 20% - 30% less power than competitive optical transport systems. In testing using the TEEER power efficiency standard, the Fiber Driver achieved a rating up to 9.84 out of 10, making it one of the highest efficiency optical networking systems on the market.

About MRV Communications, Inc.

The Optical Communications Systems division of MRV Communications is a global provider of Carrier Ethernet, WDM transport and IT infrastructure management solutions since 1988. MRV products enable the delivery of next-generation optical transport and Carrier Ethernet services over any fiber infrastructure. Since its inception, MRV has demonstrated expertise and experience offering innovative products that address future challenges while reducing network complexity and costs. Delivering optical communication solutions to service providers and enterprises around the world, MRV operates R&D centers in North America, Europe and Asia, and has 50 support centers and 21 sales offices worldwide.

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