PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 25, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Schmitt Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:SMIT) announced today that it will be exhibiting the Company's newest product line, the Lasercheck® line of surface roughness measurement gauges at the IMTS show September 13 th-18 th in Chicago (Booth E-5332). The Lasercheck system uses patented laser "light scatter" technology to provide surface roughness measurement with superior durability, measurement speed and repeatability.

Intended for surface measurement and control for a wide range of industrial applications, Lasercheck's laser surface measurement gauges provide fast and accurate measurements of the Ra (surface roughness) of materials using patented laser light scatter measurement technology, measuring to smoother than one micro inch in a fraction of a second. Featuring a robust and durable design, the surface roughness gauges are specifically made for "Point of Measurement" online use in production and manufacturing environments.

Lasercheck is fully automated, with a choice of measurement head sizes together with a controller and an easy to read touch screen display for ease of data entry. Data output options include USB flash memory, RS 232/485 or Ethernet. Lasercheck is easy to setup, calibrate and use. It is the world's only system capable of performing non-contact, in-process roughness measurements in Micron, Micro Inch, RMS or Ra output values right at the machine center without stopping or interrupting the manufacturing operation. The system offers a one time setup and calibration, eliminating maintenance and re-calibration time and cost.

"The Lasercheck system enables operators on the production floor to easily and quickly check products, ensuring process and quality control," said Glenn Valliant, Lasercheck product line manager. "Never before has a system been able to perform in process roughness measurements directly from the machining floor. We are thrilled to share this revolutionary technology at the IMTS show."

Schmitt also offers a full line of accessories with the sensors for easy installation including mounting fixtures, touch panel mounting arm, proximity sensors and feedback electronics for process adjustment and automatic rejection of bad parts.

Attendees of the IMTS Show can learn more about Schmitt and the Lasercheck measurement system at Booth E-5332. Find out more about Lasercheck by going to www.schmitt-ind.com

About Schmitt Industries

Schmitt Industries, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets precise test and measurement products in two business segments: the Balancer Segment includes computer controlled balancing and process monitoring equipment which the company sells to the machine tool industry, and the Measurement Segment, which includes precision laser-based measurement systems for surface roughness and dimensional and distance measurement application and ultrasonic measurement products for remote monitoring of chemical storage tanks.  The Company sells and markets its products in Europe through its wholly owned subsidiary, Schmitt Europe Ltd. located in the United Kingdom. For more information, visit www.schmitt-ind.com .
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