Five Disaster-Proof Real Estate Destinations

BOSTON ( TheStreet) -- Tropical Storm Danielle, the BP ( BP) oil slick, floods, fires, egg recalls -- who has time for any of it? Not you, which is why you need a more disaster-proof address.

Every point on the globe is exposed to wind patterns, tectonic plate movements and various degrees of precipitation or lack thereof, but there are some far more favorable than others. Sure, companies such as H-P ( HP) claim they can make your business "disaster-proof", but can they move it away from fault lines, tornado alleys, flood plains, hurricane and typhoon regions and drought conditions? Oddly, that doesn't make their list of "disaster-tolerant capabilities."

The U.S. alone has declared 65 major disasters this year, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. That's on pace to break the record of 75 set in 1996 and matched in 2008. With no regard to their location, population density or proximity to bodies of water, deserts, high altitudes and other traits that normally send the risk-averse sprinting for their doomsday shelters, TheStreet has found the five least disaster-prone locations for either a business or your four-bedroom dream home.

5. WYOMING Want to live tax-free, but don't want to deal with hurricanes? Welcome to Wyoming, where individual and corporate taxes are as non-existent as oceans and gulf currents. Residents may wonder how their state can be considered so safe when it was just declared a disaster area in July after a serious bout of flooding. Simple: With only eight major disasters declared since FEMA started keeping tabs back in 1953, the least-populous state (roughly 540,000, or smaller than Tucson, Ariz., alone) in the U.S. takes calamities including floods, tornadoes and winter storms in stride. With all that cash savings and little worry about impending doom, Wyoming newcomers should feel free to splurge on such homes as Sotheby's ( BID) $7 million, four-bedroom, seven-acre spread in Jackson Hole with a stone fireplace, infinity-edge outdoor hot tub, heated concrete floors, six-car garage, guesthouse and a 30-foot window wall with a view of the Tetons.

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