Investors Capital Corporation (ICC), the wholly owned independent broker/dealer and investment advisory subsidiary of Investors Capital Holdings, Ltd. (NYSE Amex: ICH), announced today that it has launched the Investor Protector SM series: a new, innovative managed investment account paired with a guaranteed 5% lifetime income benefit. The product successfully blends the growth potential of a separately managed account with the income security of an insurance guarantee*.

“The Investor Protector is designed to help Americans facing challenging economic times meet their retirement needs,” said Investors Capital Holdings Founder and Chairman, Theodore Charles. “The product was created for investors who are concerned about running out of money in retirement; and there are a lot of hard-working people in that category.”

Investors Capital Corporation is the first independent broker/dealer to offer a lifetime income benefit on managed money. The Investor Protector combines Investors Capital Advisory Services’ (ICA) series of asset allocation models with a stand-alone lifetime benefit that offers the investor a 5% lifetime income stream, regardless of market conditions. Even if the value of the account falls to zero, the investor will continue to receive a 5% income stream for life.

With the assistance of a financial professional, clients may select the Investor Protector portfolio that best fits their risk and suitability profile. The initial investment account value establishes the client’s Retirement Income Base (RIB). The investor may lock in a higher RIB if the account value is higher on the anniversary date for an additional fee. At age 65, the client may begin to draw a 5% stream of income based on the highest, locked-in RIB. Even if the account value falls to zero, the client will continue to draw that 5% stream of income for life.

With the Investor Protector, clients may remove the guaranteed income benefit at any time without being charged a penalty or surrender charge. The assets are owned by the investor so the investments are fully transparent and accessible at any time. A spousal benefit option is also available with this innovative product.

“Recent experience has demonstrated how important a guaranteed stream of income is to investors nearing or already in retirement,” said Charles. “Many people have lost as much as 40 to 50 percent of their retirement assets and now face the dual fear of having to work longer and preserve income.”

“I believe the Investor Protector is a cutting-edge retirement solution that has the potential to aid a large segment of the population because it helps address one of the global concerns about retirement: the fear of outliving your money,” Charles continues. “I am extremely excited about bringing it to market.”

The product is being launched through Investors Capital advisors nationwide. However, there are plans to eventually expand sales of the Investor Protector to networks other than Investors Capital advisors. For more information, contact Investors Capital at (866) 377-4559.

About Investors Capital Holdings, Ltd.:

Investors Capital Holdings, Ltd. (NYSE Amex: ICH) of Lynnfield, Massachusetts is a financial services holding company that operates primarily through its independent broker/dealer and investment advisor subsidiary, Investors Capital Corporation. Our mission is to provide premier, concierge-level service and support to our valued registered representatives, including advisory programs, strategic practice management and marketing services, and technology, to help them grow their businesses and exceed their clients’ expectations. Business units include Investors Capital Corporation, ICC Insurance Agency, Inc., and Investors Capital Holdings Securities Corporation. For more information, please call (800) 949-1422 x4814 or visit


*Guarantees subject to the claims paying ability of the insurance certificate issuer.

Keep in mind, investing involves risks. Asset allocation strategies do not assure a profit or guarantee protection against loss.

Before you invest you should carefully consider the charges, withdrawal restrictions and risks associated with the Investor Protector series. The prospectus contains this and other information. You can obtain a prospectus by calling at 800-866-0753.

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