FREMONT, Calif., Aug. 10, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aehr Test Systems (Nasdaq:AEHR), a worldwide supplier of semiconductor test and burn-in equipment, today announced it is partnering with ISE Labs, Inc., the largest semiconductor test engineering service provider in Silicon Valley, for providing burn-in services using Aehr Test's newest system, the Advanced Burn-in and Test System (ABTS TM). To provide these services, ISE Labs has ordered an ABTS system from Aehr Test. The system is configured to do burn-in and test of both low and high-power packaged integrated circuits (ICs). High-power devices are burned-in using individual device temperature control, and the system is optimized to provide this capability at a significantly lower cost than previously available. 

Darius Oravec, engineering manager of ISE's Burn-in and Hardware Department, said, "The ABTS-L56i system enables cost effective individual device temperature control due to its high burn-in board densities and flexible power resources."   He added, "The high number of individual power supplies found in the ABTS system offers unique advantages in performing High Temperature Operating Life testing of ICs."

Greg Perkins, vice president of worldwide sales and service at Aehr Test, stated, "The availability of the ABTS system at ISE Labs complements our installed base of systems already in test labs overseas as well as in IC and module manufacturers.    Having ready access to the ABTS technology in Silicon Valley will help many fabless semiconductor producers get their devices to market quickly and cost-effectively."

The ABTS family of products is based on an innovative hardware and software architecture that addresses not only today's ICs, but also future ICs for many years to come. The system can test and burn-in memory devices as well as both high and low-power logic ICs, providing up to 320 I/O channels for the most demanding applications. The ABTS-Li system is optimized for use with the Wells-CTI iSocket* Thermal Management Technology, which provides a scalable cost-effective solution using individual device temperature control for ICs up to 75W or more. The ABTS also uses N+1 redundancy technology for many key components in the system to provide the highest possible system uptime.