A number on the call today I am sure but most are in the clinic today seeing patients, doing what they do best and what they love to do and that's making a difference in lives of our patients. I think we've done that very, very well. We endeavor here in Houston and with our support team around the country to provide resources to them. So that they can focus on what they love to do and that's drive business and make a difference with their patients and recruit new staffs so that we can handle the growth and drive more growth.

I want to point out a number of our partnerships around the country. They have just done an outstanding job and one of thing is that continued tough market. We have partnership in Michigan and places like Plymouth and Saginaw and in around Detroit which is our view one of the toughest hit areas in the country that are putting out some outstanding year-over-year numbers.

They have found a way to continue to grow even in a difficult market, and I think that's really what it's about and that’s what I think underscores where we are as a company. We are not always going to put up a perfect quarter. But we are going to try and we are going to work very hard to figure out away how to overcome some of the challenges that are going to continue to be out there in this healthcare market right now and we are going to figure out away how to get a good, solid win under our belt. And our partners work very hard to do that, places like Florida and Maine. We have partnerships that have been around for more than 10 years in Dallas, multimillion partnerships that year-over-year find a way to make it happen and grow.

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