BOWIE, Md., July 27, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- James W. Cornelsen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Old Line Bancshares, Inc. (Nasdaq:OLBK), the parent company of Old Line Bank, reported that net income available to common stockholders increased $137,390 or 16.03% to $994,631 for the six months ended June 30, 2010 from $857,241 for the six month period ended June 30, 2009. Earnings per basic and diluted common share were $0.26 for the six months ended June 30, 2010 and $0.22 for the same period in 2009. The 16.03% increase in net income available to common stockholders was primarily the result of a $971,581 increase in net interest income. This increase derived from the $27.1 million or 11.08% growth in average net loans and a 9 basis point increase in the net interest margin from 3.71% for the period ending June 30, 2009 compared to 3.80% for the period ending June 30, 2010. A $310,000 decrease in the provision for loan losses also contributed to the increase in net income available to common stockholders. These improvements were offset by a $574,658 decrease in non-interest revenue and a $970,318 increase in non-interest expense. Non-interest revenue declined during the six month period primarily because of an approximately $393,000 decline in rent and other revenue from our investment in Pointer Ridge Office Investment, LLC and a $157,917 decline in gain on sales of investment securities. During the first six months of 2009, Pointer Ridge produced $521,605 in rental income that is included in other fees and commissions. As we previously reported, approximately $300,000 of that amount derived from a non-recurring lease termination fee. The absence of the lease termination fee in 2010 and the subsequent loss of additional tenants in spaces that Old Line Bank and Pointer Ridge lease to tenants were the major causes of the decline in non-interest revenue. We also did not sell any investments during the six months ended June 30, 2010, which contributed to the decline in non-interest revenue. The two new branches that we opened in 2009 and the addition of the Greenbelt lending team, which joined us in December 2009, were the primary causes of the increase in non-interest expense. These increases were offset by a $112,000 decline in FDIC insurance.

For the three month period ended June 30, 2010, net income available to common stockholders increased 18.46% or $82,611 to $530,097 from $447,486 for the three month period ended June 30, 2009. Earnings per basic and diluted common share were $0.14 for the three month period ended June 30, 2010 compared to $0.12 for the three month period ended June 30, 2009. During the three month period ended June 30, 2010, net interest income increased $482,178 or 17.15% primarily as a result of a $26.2 million increase in average net loans outstanding. Non-interest revenue decreased $263,947 because in the three months ended June 30, 2009, we sold investments and recorded a gain of $157,917. For the same period in 2010, we did not sell any investments. Other fees and commissions declined $101,607 primarily because of the loss of tenants in spaces that we rent. Salaries, employee benefits, equipment, data processing and other operating expenses increased primarily because of increased operating expenses from the branches and the new Greenbelt lending team.

Mr. Cornelsen stated: "I am pleased to report continued profitability for the first six months of 2010. In an economic environment that remains challenging, we have kept our focus on our goal of becoming the premier community bank east of Washington, D.C. While it remains uncertain whether the economy will continue on its path towards recovery, it appears the economy may reach a sustainable recovery during late 2010 or early 2011, and we remain cautiously optimistic that our remaining borrowers will continue to stay current on their loans. The Greenbelt lending team that we hired in December 2009 was a major contributor to our success during the second quarter of 2010. They along with the rest of our team have worked diligently towards our goal. Relative to our peers, our asset quality remains strong. We have five non–accrual loans totaling $4.7 million and one property in other real estate owned in the amount of $223,169. We have accepted a contract from a buyer for purchase of this property. We anticipate that we will receive full repayment of all amounts due during the third or fourth quarter of 2010. On June 30, 2010, total non-performing assets were $4.9 million or 1.20% of total assets and we had no other loans past due 30 days or more."

Mr. Cornelsen continued "we are also very pleased to welcome Andre' Gingles to our board of directors. Andre' brings a wealth of knowledge to the Board, and we expect that his familiarity with Old Line Bank's target market areas will allow us to continue to enhance our franchise value and achieve our strategic objectives."

During the three and six month periods, we decreased our provision for loan losses because although the economy remains uncertain, it appears to have stabilized. We also believe that we have appropriately identified and allocated specific reserves to previously identified borrowers that represent increased risk or potential loss. At June 30, 2010, the allowance for loan losses was $2.7 million or 0.94% of gross loans as compared to $2.5 million or 0.93% of gross loans at December 31, 2009. Based on our history, internal analysis, ratio of non-performing assets, and the satisfactory historical performance of the loan portfolio, we believe the allowance continues to appropriately reflect the inherent risk of loss in our portfolio and the current economic climate.   

Old Line Bancshares, Inc. is the parent company of Old Line Bank, a Maryland chartered commercial bank headquartered in Bowie, Maryland, approximately 10 miles east of Andrews Air Force Base and 20 miles east of Washington, D.C. Old Line Bank also operates from a branch in Bowie, Maryland, two branches in Waldorf, Maryland, one branch in Annapolis, Maryland, one branch in Crofton, Maryland and five additional branches in Prince George's County, Maryland. Its primary market area is the suburban Maryland (Washington, D.C. suburbs) counties of Prince George's, Anne Arundel, Charles and northern St. Mary's. It also targets customers throughout the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. 

The statements in this press release that are not historical facts, in particular the statements with respect to the adequacy of our loan loss allowance, that our borrowers will continue to perform, that we will receive full repayment of all amounts due on other real estate owned, that we will continue to enhance our franchise value and achieve our strategic objectives, and that we have appropriately identified and allocated specific reserves to previously identified borrowers constitute "forward-looking statements" as defined by Federal Securities laws. Such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from future results expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. These statements can generally be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as "believes," "expects," "intends," "may," "will," "should," "anticipates", "plans" or similar terminology. Actual results could differ materially from those currently anticipated due to a number of factors, including, but not limited to, deterioration in economic conditions or a slower than anticipated recovery in our target markets or nationally, continued increases in the unemployment rate in our target markets, and changes in laws impacting our ability to collect on outstanding loans or otherwise negatively impact our business. Forward-looking statements speak only as of the date they are made. Old Line Bancshares, Inc. will not update forward-looking statements to reflect factual assumptions, circumstances or events that have changed after a forward-looking statement was made. For further information regarding risks and uncertainties that could affect forward-looking statements Old Line Bancshares, Inc. may make, please refer to the filings made by Old Line Bancshares, Inc. with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission available at .
  Old Line Bancshares, Inc. & Subsidiaries 
  Consolidated Balance Sheets
  June 30, 2010 December 31, 2009
 Cash and due from banks  $6,164,751 $7,402,137
 Interest bearing accounts  19,329,598 3,953,312
 Federal funds sold  3,177,084 81,138
 Total cash and cash equivalents  28,671,433 11,436,587
 Time deposits in other banks  10,379,857 15,031,102
 Investment securities available for sale  27,001,553 28,012,948
 Investment securities held to maturity 24,572,928 5,806,507
 Loans, less allowance for loan losses 285,819,888 265,008,669
 Restricted equity securities at cost  2,747,650 2,957,650
 Premises and equipment  17,187,953 17,326,099
 Accrued interest receivable  1,162,564 1,055,249
 Prepaid income taxes  28,458  -- 
 Deferred income taxes  66,505 178,574
 Bank owned life insurance  8,566,098 8,422,879
 Other real estate owned  223,169  -- 
 Other assets  1,781,510 1,982,262
 Total assets  $408,209,566 $357,218,526
  Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity    
 Non-interest bearing  $53,408,446 $40,883,419
 Interest bearing  265,370,631 245,464,373
 Total deposits  318,779,077 286,347,792
 Short term borrowings  33,790,253 16,149,939
 Long term borrowings  16,413,098 16,454,067
 Accrued interest payable  461,053 517,889
 Income tax payable   --  175,543
 Other liabilities  1,127,487 941,165
 Total liabilities  370,570,968 320,586,395
 Stockholders' equity     
 Common stock, par value $0.01 per share; authorized 15,000,000 shares;     
 issued and outstanding 3,880,005 in 2010 and 3,862,364 in 2009  38,800 38,624
 Additional paid-in capital  29,101,030 29,034,954
 Retained earnings  7,260,278 6,498,446
 Accumulated other comprehensive income  597,282 368,880
 Total Old Line Bancshares, Inc. stockholders' equity  36,997,390 35,940,904
 Non-controlling interest  641,208 691,227
 Total stockholders' equity  37,638,598 36,632,131
 Total liabilities and stockholders' equity  $408,209,566 $357,218,526
Old Line Bancshares, Inc. & Subsidiaries
Consolidated Statements of Income
  Three Months Ended June 30, Six Months Ended June 30, 
  2010 2009 2010 2009
Interest revenue        
 Loans, including fees  $ 4,045,643  $ 3,788,846  $ 7,998,999  $ 7,390,729
 U.S. Treasury securities  --   2,374  --   7,230
 U.S. government agency securities  36,142  84,269  90,697  187,190
 Mortgage backed securities  398,261  256,443  673,477  524,364
 Municipal securities  20,727  21,000  40,360  43,999
 Federal funds sold  1,543  305  2,186  740
 Other   71,487  74,097  158,213  175,030
 Total interest revenue  4,573,803  4,227,334  8,963,932  8,329,282
Interest expense        
 Deposits  999,436  1,156,871  1,974,365  2,346,255
 Borrowed funds  281,189  259,463  554,733  519,774
 Total interest expense  1,280,625  1,416,334  2,529,098  2,866,029
 Net interest income  3,293,178  2,811,000  6,434,834  5,463,253
Provision for loan losses  170,000  250,000  240,000  550,000
 Net interest income after provision for loan losses  3,123,178  2,561,000  6,194,834  4,913,253
Non-interest revenue        
 Service charges on deposit accounts  78,411  72,665  153,231  144,854
 Gains on sales of investment securities  --   157,917  --   157,917
 Earnings on bank owned life insurance  83,985  94,154  170,108  187,615
 Other fees and commissions  108,657  210,264  240,603  648,214
 Total non-interest revenue  271,053  535,000  563,942  1,138,600
Non-interest expense        
 Salaries  1,130,944  938,930  2,296,359  1,775,987
 Employee benefits  317,803  215,422  667,938  517,846
 Occupancy  319,051  234,125  652,457  466,306
 Equipment  99,152  82,516  206,028  162,394
 Data processing  105,074  81,654  199,500  156,991
 FDIC insurance and State of Maryland assessments  115,553  259,531  230,668  342,302
 Other operating  522,337  460,070  1,051,746  912,552
 Total non-interest expense  2,609,914  2,272,248  5,304,696  4,334,378
Income before income taxes  784,317  823,752  1,454,080  1,717,475
 Income taxes  270,063  272,787  500,132  554,902
Net Income  514,254  550,965  953,948  1,162,573
 Less: Net Income (loss) attributable to the noncontrolling interest  (15,843)  907  (40,683)  100,188
Net Income attributable to Old Line Bancshares, Inc.  530,097  550,058  994,631  1,062,385
Preferred stock dividends and discount accretion  --   102,572  --   205,144
Net income available to common stockholders  $ 530,097  $ 447,486  $ 994,631  $ 857,241
Basic earnings per common share  $ 0.14  $ 0.12  $ 0.26  $ 0.22
Diluted earnings per common share  $ 0.14  $ 0.12  $ 0.26  $ 0.22
Dividend per common share  $ 0.03  $ 0.03  $ 0.06  $ 0.06
CONTACT:  Old Line Bancshares, Inc.          Christine M. Rush, Chief Financial Officer          (301) 430-2544