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NEW YORK ( Stockpickr) -- Regardless of why a stock is in the news, it never hurts to hear what a professional investor has to say about it. The key is to gather as much information as you can in order to make the most informed investment decisions you can. As Jim Cramer (read an excerpt from his new book here) often reminds, investors must do their homework.

So what has Cramer had to say lately about today's headline-makers? At Stockpickr, we've combed through his recent RealMoney blog posts, "Mad Money" TV show recaps and "Stop Trading!" segments to find out what he thinks about some of today's newsworthy stocks.
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Apple ( AAPL): According to a statement released this morning, Apple will introduce the iPhone 4 to 17 more countries this week, including Canada, Spain and Italy.

In a July 21 post to his RealMoney blog called " Apple's About to Break Into the Big Time," Cramer wrote:

"I think there are multiple years ahead of great growth for Apple. I think that they will come from new products and from refinement of products and because worldwide, Apple is revered as the greatest manufacturer and creator of product of our time. I think that the media cares tremendously about Jobs and whether he is arrogant or not or whether he 'blew' the antenna issue.

"That's all a dodge. The quarter shows that people don't care about Apple the company. They care about Apple's product and they love them. It is great to debate the antenna impact, but when you see the real numbers you know you've been dead wrong if you thought Apple would be hurt by this.

"But -- and this is weird -- but even if it were true, the fact that the enterprise is testing and adopting an Apple product? That's the biggest tell of all about 2011 and 2012. They will be great.

"Face it.

"They will be great.

"Buy buy buy."
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Following Apple's earnings report, on July 20's "Mad Money" show, Cramer reiterated his $300 price target o the stock, which he owns for his Action Alerts PLUS charitable trust, and told viewers that the " Internet tsunami is alive and well."

Ford ( F): Along with beating estimates on Friday, Ford announced that it expects to have more cash than debt by the end of 2011. Barclays raised its price target on the stock to $15 from $13, maintaining its neutral rating, and UBS raised its target to $17, with a buy rating.

In a July 23 blog post called " Mulally Is a Miracle Worker," Cramer wrote:

"After looking at this Ford quarter -- looking at the cash position, looking at the capitalization structure -- I can only marvel at witnessing the greatest single turnaround in American business history. What Alan Mulally has done is nothing short of miraculous. While his two competitors, with the same cost burdens, the same unions, sputtered and died, Mulally turned his company into what will no doubt be the largest and most profitable auto company on earth. His Profitable Growth for All path, PGA for the cognoscenti, delivered $2.6 billion in profits, even as all we hear about is Great Recession, no employment growth, double-dip and uncertain times.

"Who knows how much this man can make for shareholders if things get better? While the common is up nicely, the company's fixed-income securities are soaring because soon his financing arm will be minting money from low rates and big car sales."
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Citigoup ( C): Citigroup announced that it had found a security flaw in one of its mobile banking iPhone apps. The company said it did not believe that customer information had been inappropriately accessed as a result, saying that there was "no data breach."

On July 19, following Citi's earnings report on June 16, Cramer wrote in his blog that he couldn't believe the stock had been hit:

"There could not have been a clearer subtext to the call: Vikram Pandit has the situation completely under control and things just keep getting better and better. This is a company with way too much capital that is plowing it into international -- so perfect; it has more than 53% international and growing. The international portion has much better growth than the domestic side does, and I believe Pandit, who happens to be the most international of all the banking CEOs, really gets this. Plus, Citi Holdings, the cats-and-dogs portion of Citigroup with the special purpose entities, seems to be improving rapidly, and Pandit's aggressively selling what he can and has the capital to take the hit. The stock's on the move, in part because of rumors of big buyers, but in part because it was a decent quarter. The stock had simply run too much, although my friend Tim Collins points out that the $3.80 and change level on Citigroup is just money."
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Schlumberger ( SLB): Schlumberger was making analyst news on Monday, after Argus upgraded the stock to hold from sell. Credit Suisse, which maintained its outperform rating on the stock, cut its price target to $80 from $86. Jefferies, which rates Schlumberger a buy, lowered its target to $85 and cut estimates. USB raised its estimates through 2011, with a buy rating and an $86 price target.

In a July 13 blog post called " Two Oil Plays," Cramer wrote that he liked both Schlumberger, which he said was most visible, and Action Alerts PLUS stock Weatherford ( WFT), which he said was cheapest. He said Schlumberger made sense ahead of its July 23 earnings report, noting that the stock was "well off its highs." He predicted that "we could have a real run here for SLB and the group."
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AT&T ( T): Deutsche upgraded AT&T to buy from hold with a $31 price target.

In a July 22 blog post called " We're Still Undervalued," Cramer wrote:

"AT&T was supposed to be sluggish, especially in wireline .But wireless was so strong nobody should even notice wireline, and if they did they would see the best performance in five quarters. Remarkable. There's tremendous iPhone signups and dramatically reduced churn. So much for antenna problems. I figure a dividend boost is in the works."
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For more of what Cramer's had to say lately about stocks in the news, check out the Cramer's Take portfolio.

(Editor's note: At the time of this publication, Cramer owned Apple and Weatherford, for his Action Alerts PLUS charitable trust.)


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