By Gary Kaminsky, CNBC Contributing Editor

Forgive my obsession with Apple ( AAPL) (we already declared it to be in its own asset class, with the help of Peter Boockvar, friend of "The Strategy Session"), but in case you needed even more evidence of their supremacy, check out their newest promotion. Parents of college-bound seniors, listen up.

Buy a Mac computer at your nearest Apple Store and receive a free 8GB iPod Touch! Just bring your college acceptance letter, and you get to participate in one of the better "Back to School" campaigns in recent memory.

My "Call-to-Action" is to recall what this past Tuesday's guest, Evercore's ( EVR) Michael Price, said about Apple: The more hardware they get in people's hands, the more apps they will buy.

What a genius marketing move. Apple is essentially giving away the razor to sell the more expensive razor blades.

Of course, any desperate company who attempted something like this could bankrupt themselves. But from Apple's throne, they can hand down fruits as they please (iconic bite off the side and all).

The explosive growth that Mr. Price predicted in broadband products and applications should only grow with this campaign. And if I'm right, thousands of percentage points of growth may really be possible.

Let's also not forget the lessons learned from the industry CEOs who have appeared on "The Strategy Session": AT&T's ( T) Randall Stephenson, Sprint Nextel's ( S) Dan Hesse, and yesterday's guest, American Tower's ( AMT) James Taiclet.

The most important takeaway from this trio? Growth numbers in the space are accelerating exponentially. Applying their statistics is how an investment strategy is created.

Apple may be rewarding college-bound teenagers with a fun, free product, but they are crushing competitors in the process. Back to school? Bringing an Apple to your new teacher? Brilliant.
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