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President Barack Obama⿿s controversial former ⿿green jobs czar,⿝ Van Jones, on Tuesday called Proposition 23, the ballot measure seeking to postpone California⿿s landmark climate change law, a ⿿sledgehammer that⿿s being designed to destroy your job creating machine.⿝

Putting the stateâ¿¿s energy policies on hold just as they are ramping up is no way to make businesses happy, he said, countering claims that the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, or Assembly Bill 32, will hurt the economy. Proposition 23 would put AB 32 on hold until unemployment in the state reaches 5.5 percent or less for four consecutive quarters.

⿿You don⿿t make business people happy by making erratic policy,⿝ he said. ⿿This is a ludicrous move.⿝

Jones made his remarks before an audience of more than 350 people gathered for Mayor Kevin Johnsonâ¿¿s monthly Greenwise initiative meeting.

Jones, best-selling author of ⿿The Green-Collar Economy,⿝ said Sacramento has the right ingredients to be a leader in the clean-energy economy, citing its universities, creativity, strong work force and access to capital.

⿿Sacramento can help the whole country realize the future of America is not down those holes,⿝ he said, referring to deep-water oil drilling and coal mining in the Appalachian Mountains. ⿿If you want to see the future, look up. Look at the sky. Look at the wind.⿝

Jones said he⿿s mad at BP, the fourth most profitable company in the world, for deciding not to put a $500,000 safety valve in place. But, he added, ⿿I⿿m mad at us, too. If they⿿re the pusher, we⿿re the addicts.⿝

BP⿿s ⿿one act based on greed⿝ led to a ⿿horrible outcome for the whole world,⿝ Jones said, urging Sacramento to take one small act ⿿based on love.⿝

⿿Sacramento we need you to dream big ... to help pull California back together,⿝ he said.

An environmental advocate, civil rights activist and attorney, Jones was appointed by Obama in March 2009 to the newly created position of special adviser for green jobs with the White House Council on Environmental Quality where he worked to advance the administrationâ¿¿s climate and energy initiatives.

Jones resigned in September 2009 amid controversy over inflammatory statements made before he joined the administration. Jones, who apologized for his past statements, was linked to efforts suggesting a government role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and to derogatory comments about Republicans.

At the mayor⿿s meeting Tuesday, Jones said there⿿s always one person in every family who doesn⿿t understand how much they have to offer. ⿿Sacramento, from my point of view, is that kind of place,⿝ Jones said. ⿿You don⿿t know it but you already are an extraordinary success story.⿝

Jonesâ¿¿ appearance is part of Johnsonâ¿¿s effort to help Sacramento become a hub for green-technology jobs. Johnson launched Greenwise in May in an effort to make the region the greenest in the country.

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