NEWARK, Del., July 20, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Innospec Inc. (Nasdaq:IOSP) has further extended the scope of its Sustainable Development program, details of which were published today in its 2009 Sustainable Development Report.

"We have been reporting a standard set of measures around the safety, health and environmental performances of all of our manufacturing sites for eleven years now," said Patrick Williams, President & CEO.

"Given the importance of climate change, we started to measure the CO2 and greenhouse gas impacts of our manufacturing operations in 2004, so that we were able to identify improvements. I'm delighted to report that, in 2009, we have taken the first steps to extend this and look at the impact of our products themselves."

He continued, "This will be part of a process to look at the environmental impact of many of our products, with a view to defining not only the greenhouse gases created in their manufacture, but also the benefits they bring about in use.

"In the meantime, I'm pleased to report significant improvement in many of our targets. Not only has our continued focus on safety meant that we have now worked 6.4 million man hours without an employee lost time accident, but we have also achieved:
  • 27% reduction in water consumption (256,000 tonnes) companywide
  • 22% reduction of soluble organic lead to water from our site at Ellesmere Port, UK
  • 26% reduction in total organic carbon from our site at Vernon, France
  • 75% reduction in chemical oxygen demand from our site in Herne, Germany
  • 6.2% reduction in CO2 from our site in Spencer, NC, USA."

He concluded, "While it is satisfying to look back on what we achieved in 2009, we know that we must not be complacent. Our people are continually looking at how further improvements can be made, and we look forward to reporting these next year."