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U.S. lawmakers who put forward bills to lift a ban on offshore oil drilling were also those who ⿿received significant oil money,⿝ according to a report by

The nonpartisan Berkeley nonprofit said U.S. representatives Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Pete Olson (R-Texas), who wrote a bill that would lift the drilling moratorium, got $61,600 and $160,950 in contributions from oil and gas interests in the last two years.

Louisiana Senator David Vitter, also a Republican, wrote a ⿿nearly identical⿝ bill to end the ban. He⿿s gotten $559,386 in campaign money from oil and gas interests in the last six years (MAPLight tracks contributions over the length of an election cycle).

Meanwhile, representatives Kathy Castor and Corrine Brown, both Democrats from Florida, put forward bills calling for bans, as did Californiaâ¿¿s John Garamendi, also a Democrat. None of them got more than $1,000 from oil interests in the past two years, MAPLight said.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, who teamed up with Garamendi on a bill, has taken $13,000 over the last six years from oil interests. That puts her 81st out of 100 Senators.

MAPLight keeps a database of campaign contributions and legislative votes as a way of showing the connections between money and politics.

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