Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions®, Inc. (TAOS) and QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK) announced today that QuickLogic has verified and approved the TAOS TSL25711FN digital ambient light sensor (ALS) for use with QuickLogic’s Visual Enhancement Engine ( VEE) and Display Power Optimizer ( DPO) Proven System Blocks (PSBs). When used in conjunction with the TSL25711FN, the VEE and DPO provide mobile device users with an exceptional viewing experience in all ambient lighting conditions, while simultaneously extending battery life.

QuickLogic’s proprietary VEE and DPO PSBs enhance both the image and video quality of mobile devices by optimizing the dynamic range, contrast and color saturation on a pixel-by-pixel basis to provide a natural viewing experience to the user under varying lighting conditions. VEE is based on a model of human perception, resulting in a displayed image that retains excellent detail, color and vitality to the eye even under challenging viewing conditions. QuickLogic’s DPO technology dynamically adjusts display power or brightness to conserve battery life.

TAOS, Inc. digital ambient light sensors are used to provide detailed information on the ambient light conditions that users face as they interact with their Smartphones, Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), Smartbooks, Netbooks, notebooks/laptops, digital cameras, camcorders, portable MP3/DVD players, video games and HDTVs. The TSL25711FN is part of the TAOS TSL2x71 product family which includes ambient light sensing, proximity detection and integrated ambient light sensing/proximity detection devices. The high sensitivity of the TAOS TSL25711FN enables use behind dark glass or spectrally distorted materials for improved display aesthetics and sleeker designs versus other solutions that require transparent openings in order for light to reach the sensor. Used in conjunction with QuickLogic’s DPO PSB, the TAOS ambient light sensor is a key component in reducing system power consumption.

“The combination of the TAOS digital ambient light sensing technology with QuickLogic’s VEE and DPO-enabled Customer Specific Standard Products (CSSPs) provides a significantly improved viewing experience along with a dramatically increased battery life for the mobile device user,” said Paul Karazuba, QuickLogic’s Senior Product Marketing Manager.