Cramer's Stop Trading!: Apple, GE, Verizon

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- On his Friday Stop Trading! segment on CNBC, Jim Cramer said that anyone who still has complaints about Apple's ( AAPL) response to concerns about its iPhone4 antenna doesn't have to own an iPhone.

On Friday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs held a press conference where he announced that the company would be giving away free bumpers as a step to appease concerned customers, and that those who continue to be concerned about the antenna problems may return their iPhone4.

"They are taking it back for heaven's sake!" Cramer said. "What more could you ask?" Cramer questioned, incredulously, if those criticizing Apple want the company "to destroy every phone and give you" a new product, as Intel ( INTC) once notably did. "This is not serious problem," he said adding that iPhone sales will continue to be strong.

The stock markets were in the red Friday and Cramer explained that it was a "selling after a huge run ... this is not a flash crash," he said. He noted that investors have been selling PPG ( PPG) despite its good quarter as well as selling companies that haven't been doing as well. Even General Electric ( GE) was in the red, even though it posted it first quarterly profit in two years.

Cramer said if GE had reported on a rosier day several days ago the stock would have been up. "The internationally-based companies are seeing a turn," he said. "GE has demand."

" General Mills ( GIS) doesn't need a strong economy and people didn't like that quarter either. People are sometimes in a sour move," he added.

He didn't bother defending Google ( GOOG) though, which missed profit estimates. "Google I didn't like. It's spending to defend future growth from Apple ( AAPL) and Facebook. He added that people would be snapping up Verizon ( VZ) if it were an iPhone carrier.

Earlier, on CNBC, Cramer had declared, "Apple -- that is the worst opponent in the world," with the most cash and brilliant management he said. Cramer said he doesn't like that Google has politically been unwilling to work with China, even though so many other companies would do anything to get into the market.
Cramer's Stop Trading!: Apple, JPMorgan
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-- Reported by Andrea Tse in New York


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