WORCESTER, Mass., July 15, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Generex Biotechnology Corporation (Nasdaq:GNBT) ( www.generex.com ), the leader in drug delivery for metabolic diseases through the inner lining of the mouth, today announced that one of its proprietary confectionary over-the-counter products, Glucose RapidSpray™, is now available under a trial run at selected Boots UK ( www.Boots-UK.com ) retail chain stores.

Boots is a member of Alliance Boots ( www.allianceboots.com ) and has approximately 2600 stores, from local community pharmacies to large destination health and beauty stores. Alliance Boots is a leading international, pharmacy-led health and beauty group delivering a range of products and services to customers. 

Glucose RapidSpray™ ( www.GlucoseRapidSpray.com ) is a proprietary, innovative alternative for people who require or want additional glucose. Glucose RapidSpray™ delivers a fat-free, low-calorie glucose formulation that was developed using the Company's proprietary buccal drug delivery technologies. Glucose RapidSpray™ delivers glucose directly into the mouth where it is absorbed. Glucose RapidSpray™ is simple to carry and use with no large tablets to chew or messy gels to swallow.

Presently, Glucose RapidSpray™ is available in retail pharmacies across Canada, the United States and in independent stores and pharmacies in the Middle East. The processes for registering the product for retail marketing in other countries is underway.

Glucose RapidSpray™ was introduced to Boots UK through the Boots Centre for Innovation ( www.BootsInnovation.com ).   Established in 2007, Boots Centre for Innovation has been set up to work closely with early stage companies or inventors to develop pioneering products for the shelves of Alliance Boot stores. Boots Centre for Innovation is a not-for-profit partnership between Alliance Boots, Longbow Capital and The Institute of Life Science at Swansea University.

"We welcome the opportunity to have our proprietary product, Glucose RapidSpray™, become available in the UK," said Rose C. Perri, Generex's Chief Operating Officer. "We remain confident that customers of this confectionary over-the-counter product will be satisfied with its results."